Week of Action for the DREAM Act

Today, immigrant activists kicked off a week of action to push for the DREAM Act after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that it would be attached to a major defense bill.  The DREAM Act would provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands of undocumented students. And, it would pave the way for more reform.  Since the announcement, other legislative leaders have stepped up in support for passage of the DREAM Act along with President Obama.

Now, immigrant activists are ramping up pressure to the U.S. Senate to make sure the DREAM Act is passed.

Check out their press conference here:

Speakers include:

Carlos Saavedra, United We DREAM Coalition – moderator
Angie Kelley, vice president for immigration policy and advocacy, Center for American Progress
Pramila Jayapal, founder and executive director, OneAmerica
Lindsay McCluskey, president of US Student Association
Yahaira Carrilo, The DREAM is coming
Tolu Olubumni, DREAM student
Felipe Matos, Trail of DREAMs

The Reform Immigration FOR America campaign lists way that you can support passsage of the DREAM Act.

Click here to call your Senator

Or use the numbers below to send a message to your Senator:

English: 866-996-5161
Spanish: 866-961-4293

Click here for more resources on the DREAM Act.

One response to “Week of Action for the DREAM Act

  1. I am dissappointed that the leadership of the so-called latinos continue to turn a blind eye to the oppression,racism,genocide in Mexico, and the rest of latin america. Until the Oppression, and injustice in Mexico is dealt with the economies of latin america will continue to be subservient to american interest. Therefore it is hypocrisy to try to claim something you have no legal righte to when the very resources that you seek is in the home countries these people come from Mexico is the richest nation in all of latin america with a gdp of over one trillion dollors roughly the same as canada yet its people fail to demand better from its gov. furthermore indigenous people in mexico suffer from genocide and racism yet I dont hear latinos address those concerns. and what about the virtual whites only latino telenovas and television although 200million blacks and 40million indigenous peoples yet they are invisible latinoblacks dominate baseball and boxing yet they never get to endorse products yet latinos are silent you people are hypocrites tell calderon to pay for your college dont ask me when they are cutting programs for americans born and raised here for generations

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