Who We Are

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement is a national coalition of grassroots organizations fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level.

We are led by the Immigrant Organizing Committee, a group of 30 organizations committed to immigrant rights from across the country.

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  7. USCIS update – July 24/2008.
    New vaccines requirement for immigrants in order to get their green card.

    It really piss me off that everyday they are adding more barriers and also consider all immigrants sick people when the only sick thing on this country is the health corrupt system.

  8. I am speechless. . .
    All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE.

  9. I’m a Democrat and a liberal on most social issues. What’s more, my son’s middle name is Rodriguez. I see your organization, however, as either misguided or phony, seeming to stand for an open-borders immigration policy and all that implies. That policy is inimical to U.S. interests and American workers, having to compete with illegal-alien cheap labor.

  10. First, I would like to clarify that we are not an open borders group. Not that there is anything fundamentally wrong with the idea of open borders, but it is NOT what we advocate for. Also, I believe if you read what are are actually about, you would feel differently. I encourage you to look at the FIRM principles:

    1. Provide a Path to Permanent Resident Status and Citizenship for All Members of Our Communities. Our immigration policy needs to be consistent with reality. Most immigrants are encouraged to come to the United States by economic forces they do not control. Immigrants bring prosperity to this country, yet many are kept in legal limbo. Legalization of the undocumented members of our communities would benefit both immigrants and their families and the U.S.-born, by raising the floor for all and providing all with equal labor protections.
    2. Reunite Families and Reduce Immigration Backlogs. Family unity is a guiding principle in federal policy. Immigration reform will not be successful until we harmonize public policy with one of the main factors driving migration: family unity. Currently families are separated by visa waiting periods and processing delays that can last decades. Comprehensive immigration reform must strengthen the family preference system, by increasing the number of visas available both overall and within each category. In addition, the bars to re-entry must be eliminated, so that no one who is eligible for an immigrant visa is punished by being separated from their family for many years.
    3. Provide Opportunities for Safe Future Migration and Maintain Worker Protections.
    4. Any worker visa program must include provision for full labor rights (such as the right to organize and independent enforcement rights); the right to change jobs; and a path to permanent residence and citizenship. A regulated worker visa process must meet clearly defined labor market needs, and must not resemble current or historic temporary worker programs. The new system must create a legal and safe alternative for migrants, facilitate and enforce equal rights for all workers, and minimize the opportunities for abuse by unscrupulous employers and others.
    5. Respect the Safety and Security of All in Immigration Law Enforcement. Immigration enforcement laws already in place are creating fear among immigrant and nonimmigrant communities alike. Ineffective and costly policies should not be expanded, but new alternatives and solutions should be sought. Fair enforcement practices are critical to rebuilding trust among immigrant communities and protecting the security of all. Any immigration law enforcement should be conducted with professionalism, accountability, and respect. Furthermore, there should be effective enforcement of laws against human trafficking, and a border strategy that emphasizes training, accountability and competency that rejects militarizing the border with Mexico. In all cases, immigration reform must respect clear boundaries between federal immigration enforcement, local law enforcement and the enforcement of labor laws.
    6. Recognize Immigrants’ Full Humanity and Eliminate Barriers to Full Participation. Immigrants are more than just workers. Immigrants are neighbors, family members, students, members of our society, and an essential part of the future of the United States. Our immigration policies should provide immigrants with opportunities to learn English, naturalize, lead prosperous lives, engage in cultural expression, and receive equitable access to needed services and higher education. FIRM opposes unreasonable barriers to naturalization, including excessive fees, endless and discriminatory background checks, and grinding bureaucracy.
    7. Restore Fundamental Civil Rights of Immigrants. Since September 11, 2001, selective and discriminatory implementation of sweeping law enforcement policies has not only failed to make us safer from future attacks, but undermined our security while eroding fundamental civil liberties. Failure to protect these fundamental rights goes against the core values of a democracy, and, therefore, the United States. For the benefit of everyone, and not just immigrants, these basic rights must be restored and protected.
    8. Protect the Rights of Refugees and Asylees. The United States has always been viewed as a safe haven for those fleeing persecution. Yet, since September 11, 2001, significantly fewer refugees have been admitted. The U.S. government has an obligation to remove barriers to admission and save the lives of thousands of people across the world fleeing for their lives. In addition, our current policies treat many asylees unequally based on their country of origin. Our country must ensure fair and equal treatment of individuals and their family members seeking asylum, and end the inhumane detention and warehousing of asylum seekers.
    9. Economic Justice. America’s immigration system plays an important and often under-recognized role in United States labor policy, opening doors to particular populations to serve the short and long-term needs of American industry. Under such a dynamic, immigrants can be pitted against native-born workers in a labor market under stress from general economic insecurity. We believe strongly in the solidarity of all workers, especially low wage workers. Any worker – immigrant or native born – vulnerable to exploitation threatens the standing of all workers.
    10. No Criminalization. The United States has a long and revered immigrant past; however current immigration laws, which seek to criminalize future flows of immigrants and workers, undermine that history. Governments that selectively legislate certain groups of people as criminal in their behavior or appearance and limit access to government services and protections under this basis run the risk of creating abuse of authority and discrimination. Such abuse increases exponentially when factors of race, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation are involved.
    11. Restore the number of refugees that enter the United States to pre 9-11 levels.

    Thank you.

  11. Keith Raymond

    To All,

    This to let you know that this web-site has begun to censor your comments if they don’t comport with their with ideologies. In fact I’ve noticed that they’ve done that to others as well.

    I posted the following comment several days ago and it was conveniently removed. As you’ll see, there’s nothing in it that’s inflammatory or derogative. It just runs counter to their mission of helping what they like to refer as “undocumented immigrants” or “victims” of ICE raids. Let’s call a spade a spade. They’re I-L-L-E-G-A-L A-L-I-E-N-S.

    I’ve notified Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Network’s O’Reilly Factor to let him know. Perhaps FIRM will get some air time out of this.

    They’ll probably remove this one as well so you better read it quick!!!!

    The idea that our immigration laws were somehow designed to protect the United States against terrorists is a canard.

    Quite simply, our immigration laws were promulgated to prevent foreign nationals ( a nice way of saying “illegal aliens”) from immigrating to the United States without proper consent from the United States government.

    I repeat.


    If you don’t have permission from the United States government to be here- terrorist or otherwise, then you’re here illegally in violation of Federal Law.

    Indeed, the mere presence of illegal aliens in this country speaks volumes about the moral and ethical constitution of these individuals, not to mention their willingness (or unwillingness) to abide by the other laws and regulations of this Great Country.

    Simply put, they don’t care. If they did, we wouldn’t be on this web-site bantering this hotly-debated issue around. Believe me, I would much rather be in my wood shop making fine furniture. But I for one cannot let go of this and won’t until it’s resolved. And by that I don’t mean the reformation of our immigration laws.

    Here’s a few factiods:

    – The population of illegal aliens in the United States is currently estimated to be about 11 million people. You read that right- ELEVEN MILLION PEOPLE!

    – It is estimated that 57% are immigrants from Mexico, 24% are from other Latin American countries, 9% are from Asia, 6% are from Europe and Canada and 4% are from the rest of the world. In other words, 8 out of every 1o illegal aliens in this country are hispanic. You don’t need a calculator to figure out that equates to nearly 9 million hispanics are in this country illegally. You read that right- NEARLY NINE MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE HISPANICS!

    – Illegal aliens continue to outpace the number of legal immigrants- a trend that has held steady since the 1990s.

    – The majority of hispanics that are here illegally continue to concentrate in places with large communities of the same already exist. However, they are now settling in both urban and rural areas througout the rest of the country, thereby adding to the ever increasing economic burden of this country. And there seems to be no end in sight.

    To add fuel to the fire, now comes the Catholic Church that condones the continued illegal entry of hispanics into this country, then cries foul when our government enforces our immigration laws by deporting and/or incarcerating them. To that end, the notion that ICE raids of American businesses are tearing the families of illegal aliens apart is laughable.


    Did it ever occur to anyone that if these people weren’t here illegally to begin with, their familes wouldn’t be torn apart?

    Of course it did. But they conveniently side-step that part of the issue and attempt to tug at your soft side by playing on your sympathy.

    Indeed, this storyline is remarkably similar to one involving a former neighbor of mine that decided to start up an auto repair business in our neighborhood; this despite the fact that he was violating our neighborhood covenants, not to mention a city ordinance which forbid such businesses from being operated in residential areas. This guy thought that his neighbors were complacent and would tolerate his illegal activities.

    Well, he thought wrong. He was shut down quicker than a grease monkey removing lug nuts with an air ratchet.

    But here’s the kicker. Rather than accept the fact that what he did was illegal and disrespectful to his neighbors, he decided to turn it around and play the “You’re Not Being Very Neighborly” card.

    No one bought it and he moved out of the neighbohood within 2 years.

    The moral of the story: Stick to the facts and the issue at hand. Don’t let anyone- the illegal alien community, Catholic Church or even Auntie Em attempt to side-step the fact that what they’re doing is not only wrong, its illegal.

    I repeat: IT’S ILLEGAL.

    Accept it and move on.

  12. In response to Keith,
    First of all, what’s laughable is your idea that this website and organization somehow doesn’t have the right or authrority to monitor and/or control the comments that are posted. It’s a rather uneducated and ignorant position to take in thinking that if your post is removed because you proposed opposing sentiments then your rights have somehow been violated–what’s more laughable is your thinking that Bill O’Reilly would actually report on your eneducated claim that they can’t remove what that want to remove from their own site.
    Secondly, your story of kicking the automotive mechanic out of your neighborhood leads me to believe that you are the one who doesn’t want to promote jobs for Americans. Let’s think about it: An entrepeneur decides to open a business, providing a service to the community, you because of your eneducated and ignorant ideoligies decide that somehow his business has wronged you, so you close him down and run him out of the neighborhood. Who’s the one endangering American jobs in your neck of the woods? To put it frankly: you need to get off your high horse and become more human, and less of a jerk towards people who don’t agree with you. What needs to happen in this issue is that we all discuss it as human beings, and treat everyone involved as a human being, and I believe that is the goal of this organization.
    Thank you.

  13. So basically what you are saying is that no one has to follow American laws. Thereby I can break into any house I want to live in and the owners of the house MUST let me live there because I have the right to that house just as much as they do. I have a job so I work for my money I just don’t have a house as nice as the one I want to live in. I will behave anyway I want in this new house cause I do not have to follow or respect the rules I have a right to a better house.

  14. What a condescending remark. So, if anyone disagrees with this organization’s positions on immigration, then they are shouted down and labeled as ignorant, stupid, etc. Sounds like this organization would get along well with the heterophobic GLBT.

    Regarding the example of the mechanic, the community had every right to protest his business because zoning laws prohibit businesses like that in residential areas. The enterprise could be potentially dangerous, is an eyesore and depreciates property values, which could lead to people moving out and lowering the taxable base for the community.

  15. 1. Illegal aliens are not immigrants, they are foreign intruders.

    2. Mass legalization of illegal aliens discriminates based on race and national origin, since it would benefit 30 Latin Americans for every Asian, African, or European who benefited.

    3. The long waiting times for legal family immigrants is the result of past amnestied illegal aliens and their sponsored relatives crowding into the the legal immigration system. Even if the numerical limits were raised to reduce waiting times, any new mass amnesty for illegal aliens would cause the same effect and the waiting times would again increase within a few years back to current levels.

    4. The US Commission on Immigration Reform stated: “A properly regulated system of legal immigration is in the national interest of the United States.” Properly regulated means legal. Illegal immigration is not in the national interest, it only benefits the illegal aliens, the greedy businesses who hire them, and the corrupt politicians who allow it.

  16. I’m sorry FIRM is delusional about immigration. It’s not about dignity. It’s about respect. When you enter a foreign country, it is your obligation to abide by its laws. When your initial entrance into a foreign country breaks the law of that host country, you’ve already made yourself illegal by action. Wimpering and complaining about it isn’t a solution. The solution is to abide by the rules and laws of countries you wish to travel to and live in. Simple. Sadly, too many people are too arrogant and self-serving to see the forest for the trees.

  17. James G. Ziegler

    Funny but I live in a South American country LEGALLY, would not have it any other way, and am married to a citizen so, I speak from both sides of the argument.

    When I lived in The States I had many immigrant friends, hired “immigrants” and treated them the same as a citizen employee. If they preformed better they got paid better et cetera. Most Americans, like myself, are open to helping “immigrants” along.

    But now that I live here, I find that there are all sorts of societal imposed restrictions on what I am allowed to do. I even have friends who have been threatened with death, “It will be very dangerous for you to continue…”, if they continued to work in certain fields.

    I no longer feel pity for what I have learned the majority of are Illegal Immigrants what so ever. In fact upon my return to The States I intend to report every one that I meet and drive any that I encounter in work situations from “their” jobs. I may even resort to telling them “It will be very dangerous for you to continue…” After all what is good for the goose is good for the gander, No?

  18. Luis Villegas

    In response to realamerican.
    I totally agree with your point but that brings another question. What if those who followed the rules, those who are making everything by the book, who pay taxes, who did just cross the border or jumped into a raft, those who bring money and companies that have 50 or more employees and so … what happens when an institution like INS does not work properly as scanning companies and people? I believe that this site as many other will never agree on this matter because most Americans don’t know the process, don’t know the laws, I speak on behalf on dozens that came to this country for many reasons, they did not cross the border, civilized people that fits within this society, in the other hand mos immigrants don’t really know laws or ways on how to properly migrate, that’s when an organization comes into picture, they need help, we as americans need to participate, not just talk to point, and we as immigrants need to adjust to the rules, something that most of immigrants do not like, well this is where you are, you need to stick to the rules, you don’t like it, thank you and good bye, starting on learning a language, as basic as that.
    So you see, we need to cooperate in order to resolve this matter.
    INS is not doing their job, their denying visas and green cards with no bases to do so, after they’ve done everything they’ve been asked to , they’ve paid crazy amounts of money to get a green card and still, they’ve been denied.
    Please guys let’s get real, we don’t want 11 million to be legalized but something needs to be done.
    Thank you

  19. I am a producer/reporter for flashpoints a daily radio news magazine of the pacifica radio network based out of berkeley, california. I’ve checked out your website and failed to find any real information regarding the immigrants rights coaliton’s mobilization scheduled to happen Saturday, January 23, 2010. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as am preparing my crew to travel to L A to do live coverage of this important action. Gracias

  20. Martin B Serkin

    I guess you people are anti-american or I am really dumb. Please explain hopw the following is racist: ” If loving Maerican and requirring one language English is racist than I am a racist”? I guess when my parents came over from Europe they were racists because instead of speaking thier native language they learned English. I guess all the people of Europe are racists because when you move to thier country you HAVE TO LEARN THIER LANGUAGE. The same applies to most of the countries of the world. Our founding fathers were racist since , even though there were many immigrants here, they only wrote the Declaration of Independence and the US Constituion in English.

  21. David Martinez

    Sorry folks but wanting our immigration laws enforced does not make one a “racist”. My grand parents came here as small children from Mexico many years ago with my great grandparents, but they came here legally. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have our immigration laws observed, respected and enforced. Mexico enforces her immigration laws and so do countless other coutries throughout the world, why should we be any different?

  22. I find it hilarious that you are so intent on people “learning English” but I counted five errors in your comment. Also, if you know anything about American history you will know that there is a well-documented past of people making the same argument you misspell above against European immigrants. Start withe the article below and then read your history before trying to make any sort of educated argument on these grounds.


  23. Well, Rachel, our American poor – and their lack of English skills – is nothing compared to the immigrants who are coming here. I kow that some only have a 4th grade education.
    I worked with some children of immigrants who had atrocious English skills. So, I wouldn’t condemn Americans and presume a lack of intelligence.
    What we are having is an unfair invasion by Latinos – while our immigration quotas are neglecting people of other races in other lands.
    Frankly, as each day passes, Americans feel less inclined to accept “immigrants” from any country.

  24. And, Rachel, why would you even go there?
    Pick on our poor, while somehow trying to convince us that our immigrants are all above -board and very classy? Our newspapers are constantly printing crime news. Our intake at city jails, county jails, state prisons and federal prisons shows a picture of “immigrants” and illegals which is not pretty – wife-beating, drug-dealing, assault, battery…..perhaps you have not bothered to see the whole picture. But many others have – including Hispanic “specialists” who are the first to warn about “their” people. Their message: Avoid them! Do not let gang-bangers fool you!
    That is their message.

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  26. I love your organization, & am sorry to see so many trolls leaving their hateful comments here. It doesn’t matter what you say to people like them. They believe what they want to believe, whatever lines up with their own narrow-minded opinions. They come on here to bully you & undermine the good you’ve accomplished. My advice to you is…..go right ahead & delete them. This is your site & you can do whatever the hell you want to do with it. They’re certainly not listening to you, so you have no reason to listen to them. They want to put a giant box over top of America, a land that THEY have stolen from the Native-Americans (and then FORCED them to learn English). It’s typical…..greedy, selfish & unChristian. Oh, & I just LOVE they way they keep throwing out those media statistics they’ve collected off the Internet (or more than likely, Fox News). To here them speak, you would think we were over here waxing our halos. American citizens commit crimes EVERY DAY…..but that’s okay, right? Give me a break. You’re only a citizen by virtue of being born here. And the whole, “my family came here legally” argument doesn’t hold water. Immigration laws were relatively lenient before the turn of this century. That’s not the case today. Oh, & I HAVE to address the woman who lives in South America……it’s incredibly petty that you would move back here & take out on complete strangers whatever injustices have been done to you there. That makes you no better than them. Thank you, Standing FIRM, for supporting a fair immigration policy amidst the fear & hate-mongering of so-called “American citizens”.

  27. Please check out our website to hear a song we recently recorded. “Shenandoah” a requiem for Luis Ramirez. We volunteered this song to be on a compilation the Chicago for the People CD, recently released May 1st. http://www.myspace.com/tropasolar

  28. My name is Emily and I and my three year old son are US citizens. My Guatemalan husband has been unfairly detained for 8 months. We designed a website to document our struggle and we would like to get it out to as many people as possible to illustrate the horrible state of our immigration system. If you could share it with as many people as possible, that would be awesome.

    It is http://www.logansdad.org

    Thank you so much!!

  29. How do I remove myself from the TEXT Action list?

    I do not live in the U.S. and it costs me money to respond to these; yet I have replied “STOP” and “Remove From List” many times.

  30. Hi! Try replying with “unsubscribe”

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