Change Takes Courage

Tell President Obama that Change Takes Courage!  Call 866-957-2612 (English) 866-794-6052 (Spanish).


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Deportations under President Obama have reached record levels. It’s a moral outrage that families are being separated, young people are being robbed of their future and public safety is being threatened by a system the president knows is broken. This must stop.

The Change Takes Courage Campaign is urging President Obama to keep families together by:

  1. Ending the deportations of parents of citizen children, DREAM-eligible youth and military veterans;
  2. Discontinuing ICE programs that undermine the public safety of all communities;
  3. Strengthening protections for all workers.

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8 responses to “Change Takes Courage

  1. Rebecca Barragan

    The unlawful Presences Bars only discourages undocumented immigrates from trying to adjust their status and it encourages illegal immigration because people will do whatever it takes to be with their families. American families and innocent children are suffering. We have enough single parent households in this country-don’t you think?

    Furthermore- ignoring this issue is just another way of continuing to fund the Mexican drug cartels. It is a well known fact that the cartel’s second largest form of income is through humane trafficking. Individuals become so desperate to be reunited with their families that they pay these cartels thousands of dollars to help smuggle them in to the United States. The majority of coyote operations are run by the cartels. If we could change these laws then we would be taking money from the cartels and the United States could use this money to help fund boarder security.

    The United States government has made great strides in improving boarder security so at what point do we actually begin to consider real reform that will help American families? Yes- AMERICAN families; I am a nature born American and so are my children. I am and have always been a good American. I have worked since I was 16 years old, always paid my taxes, never been in trouble and I have even worked as a federal employees for the past thirteen years.

    I know that Republicans may be hesitant to “dirty their hands” by considering anything other than a strict enforcement policy but this would be a change for the good and it can bring in needed money to help increase boarded security. This isn’t just about the immigrant but it is also about the U.S. citizen that has made this person their life partner and the innocent children that are either forced to loose a parent or live in poverty.

    Our only hope now it to get this law changed. The unlawful presence bar is cruel and inhumane and it is an extremely harsh punishment for people who are just seeking a better life. How does one choose to either live together in poverty (most parts of Mexico) or live separately with the hopes of one day being reunited with a chance of provided a quality life for our American children

  2. Rebecca Barragan

    I am not saying they should get a free pass but there are other alternatives to the unlawful presence bars that will bring in much need cash to be used to increase border security. Below is one option.

    1. Eliminating the 3/10 year bars (including the permanent 10 year bar) for applicants who have a qualifying family member and who have no criminal records but-
    2. Imposed a fine for entering the United States illegally (anywhere for $2000-$5000 depending on the circumstances)
    3. Allow these individuals to return to the United States in a legal but probationary status. If they stay out of trouble for five years (or other set amount of time) then remove the probationary portion and allow them to become legal residence.

    More options are to keep the unlawful presence bar but only for three years for those who were in the country illegally for over a year and NO Permanent bar. Everyone should be allowed to file for a hardship waiver.

  3. Teresa Veramendi

    Our economy would never recover if all our undocumented workers were actually kicked out. What ever happened to the American dream?

  4. Protect the undocumented youth of America!

  5. Gopal Panday

    The common sense change that President promised and knows is better for the country must stand with the people of reason and asking for fairness must happen now through different provisions available to the executive office, not in 2012 after the elections.

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  7. Mario Barrientos


  8. I strongly agree with all of these comments. I myself have a deported husband in mexico for unlawful presence . We have 2 babies 3 and 4 years old. My husband has been in mexico a little over a year. We are awaiting i-130 approval 3 months in. We are hoping that he will be eligible for waviers, but who knows he’s got a 10 year ban. This needs to stop. Why can’t they deport the drug runners and gangsters and murderers. They need to leave hard working family men alone. God please help us everyone that is in this sitition. My fear is now if my husband does get to file a wavier ,i don’t know if he will ever return back alive from juarez.

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