One step closer to stopping Rigo’s deportation

Originally posted at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights blog.

Today, December 4th, elected officials including U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (IL-9), State Representative Greg Harris (D-13) and Chicago Alderman George Cardenas (12th ward) joined more than two hundred high school and college students, immigrant advocates, and college professors to rally for an immediate stop to the deportation of Rigo Padilla, a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago scheduled for deportation on December 16.

It was a spirited rally to call for just and humane immigration reform and to urge a halt on Rigo Padilla’s deportation. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky announced that yesterday she had filed a private bill, HR 4212, asking that Rigo Padilla be granted legal permanent resident status.

Father Mike Shanahan closed the rally announcing an action of civil disobedience in front of the Federal Building on the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Dec. 12) if the Obama administration proceeds with Rigo’s deportation.

Rigo exemplifies what is wrong with the immigration system and the need to stop senseless deportations. Under Obama administration, deportations have increased 18%. Unfortunately Rigo is one of millions of good people that contribute to this country but nevertheless are in risk of deportation.

Following the rally, participants marched to the Federal Building while holding signs, American flags, and chanting “Our Youth, Our Nation, No more senseless Deportations”. A delegation presented copies of a petition, signed by more than 880 faculty members from colleges and universities across Illinois and the nation, to the staff of Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Roland Burris, asking that Rigo Padilla’s deportation be deferred.

Finally, today Congressman Mike Quigley added his support to that of Congressmen Schakowsky, Rush, Gutierrez, and Davis in asking that the deportation of Rigo Padilla be deferred.

But the fight isn’t over. Please help us reach our goal of sending 25,000 faxes to Secretary Napolitano, ICE Director John Morton, Senator Durbin, and Senator Burris. All of whom have the power to stop Rigo’s deportation.

Click here to send a free fax!

You can also help by sharing Rigo’s story with your family and friends and joining the cause on Facebook.

Progress Illinois has a great post about the event with video below:

View more photos of the rally below:

5 responses to “One step closer to stopping Rigo’s deportation

  1. All illegals should not have a job. Should get out of the country and come back the proper way. A true American welcomes legal immigrants but illegals no way.

  2. Coming to this country by proper means is fine, come illegally and he should be sent back to his home country! The law is the law, no exception! Get in line and follow the rules, don’t expect special treatment for criminal behavior. No reward for illegal behavior!

  3. Yes he should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and we can toss out all the laws that we have governing us. What are they there for anyways? Illegal means NOT LEGAL. WHERE DO WE GET CONFUSED?

  4. Getting behind Rigo Padilla does not help the cause of CIR at all. Rigo Padilla was convicted of drunk driving which could have landed him a one year jail sentence regardless of nationality. The fact that he is a Mexican national and thus subject to deportation as a convicted criminal is not a civil rights issue per se, rather it only reinforces the restrictionists stereotype that all Mexican illegal aliens are drunk drivers. The Illinois Department of Corrections routinely turns over alien inmates to Homeland Security for deportation as they complete their sentences. Even lawful permanent residents and green card holders are subject to deportation after commission of a serious crime. Fortunately, Rigo Padilla’s drunk driving episode was interrupted by the police before he killed anyone. Drunk driving is even a crime in Mexico, and Mexican authorities take a dim view of American college students who are apprehended drunk driving on spring break in Cancun; they end up serving lengthy sentences in Mexican jails.
    The question of where to draw the line on what constitutes a deportable criminal offense becomes academic. Allow drunk drivers and drug dealers but deport rapists and child molesters, serial killers etc? This has nothing to do with immigration reform.

  5. These Congressmen need to be impeached, then arrested for aiding, abetting, and harboring an illegal alien. Our laws were made for the protection of American citizens not for treaspassers.

    Deportation is the remedy for unlawful entry. Send Rigo home. He can drive his motor scooter and drink himself drunk until the cows come home.

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