Sentence commuted for 10 more days

Small businesses, industrial employers, and low-wage workers have been put on the chopping block by ICE. The Bush Administration is trying to use social security letters that indicate “no match” between a worker’s ID and the ssn number as  tool to prove employers knowingly hired undocumented migrants, and thereby penalize those employers.

These letters have a high-rate of error, were never intended to be used as an immigration enforcment tool, and there is no correlation between receipt of this type of letter and working status.

A judge has extended the initial restraining order against the sending of the social security no match letters by 10 days.

“There would be irreparable harm, serious irreparable injury,” to
legally employed workers if the government went ahead with its plan to send 140,000 letters to employers of 8 million workers in the next few months, Breyer said. [thanks to XicanoPower for the link]

Get the story at XicanoPower

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