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Postville Update: Two Supervisors Arrested

Nearly two months after the biggest ICE raid in history, the first non rank-and-file workers were arrested at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa.

On the heels of many workplace abuse allegations, the arrests seem to be too little, too late. While the prosecution of higher ups in the company is an encouraging sign, it doesn’t really go far enough.

“The arrest of two low-level supervisors, while a start, barely scratches the surface of this company’s bad behavior,” said Scott Frotman, a spokesman for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which has tried to organize the plant. “What about the allegations of worker abuse? Does anyone really believe that these low-level supervisors acted alone without the knowledge, or even the direction, of the Rubashkins and other senior management?”

It seems like this move, like the raid itself, is more symbolic than substantive.

Click here for the full NY Times article about the arrests.

Postville, Indian Guest Workers: Victims of Abuse treated like Criminals

Yesterday, New American Media posted an article that sheds some light on how the government is shifting their immigration policy towards and criminalizing immigrants.

Historically, immigrants who are victims of abuse or trafficking have been granted protective visas by the government – a policy that reflects the compassion and humanity our country was founded upon. However, amidst the current trend of fear and criminalization of immigrants, that compassion and humanity has been all but forgotten…

The article is lengthy, but well worth the read – click here to read the full post.