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6 Raid Victims Will Pursue Legal Claims Against ICE

As most of you know, the power exercised by Immigration and Customs Enforcement during home and workplace raids has gone dangerously unchecked in the past few years. There has been little to no accountability placed on the agency and it is rare that legal avenues are pursued by victims of ICE’s unjust actions.


However, yesterday an immigration judge ruled that 6 people who were detained during an ICE sweep in New Haven and North Haven, CT in 2007 will be allowing to bring their claims of constitutional violations to court.

Lawyers at the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale University are seeking to suppress evidence obtained by ICE when it arrested a total of 32 people in New Haven and North Haven in June 2007.

They allege that the officers conducted illegal searches and seizures, detained the 32 without reasonable suspicion and arrested them without probable cause.

Let’s hope that this marks a new era of accountability for ICE. The burden in this case is now on them to prove that their actions were both legal and justifiable. Maybe we will see more of these types of cases cropping up in the near future?