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State and Local Round-up

NV: Police to share immigration status with feds – Undocumented immigrants who get into trouble with the law in Las Vegas will be referred to federal immigration enforcement officers – even if they aren’t found guilty of any criminal offense.

NC: ASSOCIATED PRESS: NC sheriff’s ‘trashy Mexicans’ remark brings questions about enforcing immigration law locally

AR: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Hispanic voter increase seen as boon to races  – The mayor’s race is less than a month away, and a significant number of Hispanics, invigorated by the presidential election, made the Oct. 6 voter registration deadline and are ready to head to the polls.

IA: Taxpayers’ costs top $5 million for May raid at Postville – The nation’s taxpayers have spent $5.2 million on the raid of Agriprocessors Inc. in Postville by immigration officials. The May 12 raid on the meatpacking plant, one of the largest immigration raids ever on a single site in the United States, included several hundred federal agents and two law enforcement helicopters that monitored the raid from overhead.

ACTION: Join the Call for Steve Bizzell’s Resignation

Yesterday, I posted about Steve Bizzell, the Sherriff from North Carolina who has made racist and inflammatory remarks about Latinos.

Now, the National Council of La Raza, through their We Can Stop the Hate website, is staging a campaign to force Bizell to resign.

In a recent article in Raleigh’s The News & Observer, Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell was quoted accusing Latinos of “breeding like rabbits,” calling Mexicans “trashy,” and stating, “When people think about illegal Mexicans, you know the first thing they think of?  Driving drunk and shooting.”These are just some of the inflammatory things that Steve Bizzell had to say about Latinos.  As a result, a coalition of progressive groups in North Carolina has asked that the Johnston County commissioners push for Bizzell’s resignation. 

Not only is Sheriff Bizzell still on the job, he can even be seen featured in a campaign ad supporting Senator Elizabeth Dole.
Help us make the case that bigotry has no place in the sheriff’s office or on the campaign trail.  If you live in North Carolina, write to North Carolina’s congressional delegation to ask them to support the call for Sherriff Bizzell’s resignation. If you don’t live in North Carolina, you can still write to your own state representatives.  Stand up to hate by forwarding this message to five of your friends and encouraging them to sign up for We Can Stop the Hate Alerts.  


Together, we can make a difference. 
The National Council of La Raza