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ACTION: Oppose Colorado’s Senate Joint Memorial ’09 NOW!


From our partners at the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition:

What is SJM 09? While symbolic in nature, SJM 09 uses language from the Governor’s Task Force on Immigration convened last fall which, sadly, did much to criminalize immigrants. The resolution, hence, offers support from the Colorado Assembly to expand 287(g) programs that deputize local police officers as ICE agents along with other programs that will further criminalize undocumented immigrants.

To read the full text of SJM 09, click here.

Action: Please make calls to Senate Democrats right now to oppose Senate Joint Memorial 09! Click here to look up your Senator by typing in your address. If you know who your Senator is, click here to get their phone number.

You could say:

“Hi, Senator ________________. My name is ____________________, and I am calling to ask you to vote no on SJM 09.

  • This resolution does nothing to address a broken immigration system by focusing on better enforcing out of date, unrealistic laws.
  • Thank you.”
  • Expanding the role of local police officers in immigration work, as suggested in SJM 09, damages community trust of law enforcement, leads to discriminatory policing and wastes precious tax dollars.
  • This memorial sends the wrong message. Reform of existing immigration laws must proceed any extension of draconian enforcement measures.

Thank you.”

If you live in Colorado, don’t hesitate to call your Senator RIGHT NOW. Please forward this to other Colorado residents too!