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Spotlight ICIRR: 25,815 Voter Registrations!

Congratulations to our partners at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugees Rights (ICIRR)! They have successfully registered 25,815 people in the immigrant community to vote. That is an astounding number!

Thanks to the work of organizations like ICIRR, the immigrant vote will be counted in record numbers during the upcoming election.

ICIRR and its’ member organizations announced success today in registering 25,815 voter registrations in the immigrant community through the New Americans Democracy Project “Our Vote is Power” campaign. The next step is to “Get-Out-The-Vote” (GOTV) through an unprecedented effort that includes direct contact with over 144,000 immigrant voters through a combination of door-knocking, direct mailers, door-hangers, live and robo-calls. The New Americans Democracy Project has raised over $1 million for their voter registration and GOTV efforts.
ICIRR’s New Americans Democracy Project (NADP) “Our Vote is Power” campaign aims to build support of elected officials for immigrants to win a fair and humane immigration reform. With 20 campaign fellows (full time immigrant field organizers) a total of 2,565 Election Day volunteers will work in 694 precincts and target over 144,000 immigrant voters to bring to the polls on Election Day.