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Spotlight NYIC: The Impact of the Immigrant Vote and Civic Participation

On Saturday, October 25th, the New York State Youth Leadership Council (along with guest speakers) discussed the impact of the immigrant vote and immigration policy in the 2008 presidential elections, the issues faced by immigrant youth (specifically, access to higher education), and their role in the political process as engines of change in their communities.

Members of the YLC also shared their experiences as participants of the NYSYLC Civic Engagement Program.  They discussed how they have organized civic circles in their communities to educate and organize their communities to build power and impact the political process. Guest speakers included: Alan Kaplan, Civic & Electoral Participation Program Coordinator, New York Immigration Coalition,

Suman Raghunathan, Project Consultant for “Feet in Two Worlds” and Bill Shiebler, National Field Director, U.S. Student Association.