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May Day: Are you ready to hit the streets this May 1st?


One week from today, hundreds of thousands of people will be marching in the streets, demanding immigrant rights and calling for just and humane immigration reform. May Day, a day historically used to celebrate the the contributions of working people,  has become THE day for the immigrant rights movement in recent years.

In 2006, millions of people took to the streets in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and everywhere in between to demand justice for immigrants. It was a show of enormous power and solidarity and the spark ignited by the 2006 marches is burning strong in the lead up to May 1st 2009.

With a newly elected President who is committed to immigration reform, with the full support of labor unions, and with more and more momentum building towards justice, this May 1st will be a huge moment in the fight for immigration reform.


Going to hit the streets? Rallies and marches are being planned everywhere in the country – you can check out a list of events in your area at www.anewdayforimmigration.org. And be sure to text “justice” to 69866 – you will be connected to the folks on the ground in your are and will receive text messages about where to go, times and details of your local event. (you MUST respond with your zip code if you want to receive local information)

This is truly a day where the grassroots get to flex their muscles and show off just how widespread the support for immigration reform is. Mr. President, you can count on us to support your efforts to reform our immigration system and bring justice to immigrants in this country.

In Portland, Oregon:

In Miami, Florida:

In Milwakee, Wisconsin

In Seattle, Washington

This May 1st, I will be marching for immigrant rights? Will you?