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ACTION: Jorge-Alonso still needs your help!

DREAM student Jorge-Alonso Chehade is still in the United States, but his fight to stay here is far from over. He still needs your calls into Senators Murray and Cantwell. Basically, Jorge-Alonso’s only chance to stay is going to come from the introduction of a private bill by the two Senators. (For background on Jorge-Alonso’s case click here).

Here is Jorge-Alonso’s recorded message for all the folks pitching in to help:

And here is the link to take action: http://action.seiu.org/callforalonso

[via Citizen Orange]

ACTION: Back to School, Students March for the DREAM Act


Today, across the country, students are hitting the streets, college campuses and the offices of their elected officials and university administrators, to demand justice. The DREAM Act, for those who don’t know, would give undocumented youth the chance to work towards legalization and access to higher education.

I had the privilege recently to work alongside DREAM students in Orlando, Florida. I can only say it was an inspiring and transformative experience. This country’s best and brightest are being denied the right to higher education and the right to become fully contributing members of the country they love and call home.

a dream for america

But today, on the 52nd anniversary of the Little Rock 9 desegregation of public schools, once again youth are taking center stage in the fight for justice. More than 125 events are happening  in 26 states across the country in support of the DREAM Act. From Orlando, FL to Little Rock, AR to Los Angeles, CA today’s actions are about a youth-led movement for equality.

In the midst of this exciting day, DREAMers are still fighting for a stay of deportation for Jorge-Alonso Chehade. To sign a letter asking for a stay of deportation for Jorge-Alonso, click here.

Visit www.dreamactivist.org for a full list of actions and events today.

ACTION: Stop the Deportation of Dreamer Jorge-Alonso Chehade


Its long overdue that I blog about the latest campaign to stop the deportation of a DREAMer. Jorge-Alonso Chehade is due to be deported this FRIDAY, unless we can convince the Department of Homeland Security to stay his deportation.

I know that many of you helped out in the fights for Walter Lara and Herta Llusho. We have to keep up the pressure on DHS in order to finally achieve a stay of deportation for all DREAM students until immigration reform is passed.

Check out this video that Jorge-Alonso made in honor of Citizenship Day:

Please take action NOW – click here to sign onto the letter asking DHS to stop Jorge-Alonso’s deportation.