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Realizing the Promise Coverage Round-up

Hey guys! I’m back on the blog after a few days away. I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous live-blogging of the Realizing the Promise forum this past thursday. A BIG shout-out to Will Coley for his great work!


The event itself was amazing. So many people, so much energy and a palpable sense that we WILL ENSURE that the change we want becomes a reality.

Below is a round up of the articles and live-blogs of the event.

Also, below are a few excerpts of the article from the Nation.

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SAVE THE DATE: You Should be Here on December 4th – Realizing the Promise


A Forum on Community, Faith & Democracy

What are you doing on December 4th between 3PM and 6PM? You should be watching the LIVE stream of the Realizing the Promise Forum, where more than 2,000 community leaders and organizers will come together in Washington, DC to speak directly to elected leaders about the shared agenda that we all must pursue to ensure that America finally works for everyone.

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Save the Date: December, 4th – Our Issues, Our Solutions


Our Issues, Our Solutions

We have heard lots of talk about values this election season…

Join Us to Transform Our Democracy!

Values and Faith Alter Policy!


Join us December 4th in Washington DC

 To Introduce the New Administration to


Values voters from across the country will come together on December 4th in Washington DC to highlight to the elected leaders of the nation why Community Values and a strong belief in Faith and Democracy matter and how these values and beliefs are going to change the tenor and climate of American politics.


Co-Sponsored by the Center for Community Change and the Gamaliel Foundation