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Exit Polls: New American Voters in New York

From the Community Values Vote e-day blog:

Norman Eng with the NY Immigration Coalition shares what his organization is doing on Election Day to monitor the polls:

Exit poll data-entry teams camped out in the NYIC’s conference room.

It’s a busy day at the New York Immigration Coalition, to say the least. In addition to making a final push to get immigrant voters out to the polls today, we’re coordinating the citywide New Americans Exit Poll to track the voting behaviors and opinions of New York City voters, with an emphasis on voters in immigrant communities.

We have more than 120 exit pollsters stationed at 32 sites throughout the city, teams of runners and poll supervisors, and an army of data entry folks camped out in our conference room and cubicles to input the survey results as they roll in.

This is the fifth time we’ve run the exit poll. Past poll results have shown that, in New York City, two out of three first-time voters are foreign-born; in other words, immigrants are the driving force behind the expanding electorate here.

We expect to be here late into the evening inputing data, and we’re excited to release the findings on Thursday. Thanks to Barnard College, Columbia University, the City University of New York, and the New York Latino Research and Resources Network for sponsoring the poll!

UPDATE: Community Values Vote


Links and stories from the grassroots at Community Values Vote!

TENNESSEE: ChangeMemphis GOTV Phonebanking

Less than 12 hours before polls open, a committed group of youth is hard at work making sure that their community gets out to vote tomorrow!

These youth, part of a Metropolitan Interfaith Association student program, are making hundreds of calls and fielding dozens of requests for polling information, rides to the polls and other assistance.

Read the full post here.


MASSACHUSETTS: The Alliance to Develop Power Gets Out the Vote

Our friends at the Alliance to Develop Power (ADP) held a massive registration drive and rally last week.

The event brought over 500 ADP leaders, community members and allies together as they energized their base of community values voters heading into the election.

Read the full post here.

NEVADA: Progressive Leadership Alliance Invests in Young Volunteers

Even though Nevada has been considered a bastion of voter and civic apathy, the Progressive Leadership Alliance is getting historically underrepresented communities invested in the promise of social, economic and political change.

“The results have been dramatic,” said Beverly Rodriguez, a PLAN organizer. “We focused on the communities of new citizens, particularly Hispanics, and we’ve turned out thousands of new voters.”

Read the full post here.


Election Day Grassroots News: Previews and Links

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be helping to staff the “Community Values Vote” election day blog. Eveyone should be sure to check it out to get real news and real updates from the ground on E-day.



Below are some of the links that have been posted in the lead up to E-day on the site:

ChangeMemphis contributes to record turnout:

All reports in from early voting in Memphis point to a record turnout
in our communities. Since October 15, almost 40% of registered voters
have cast their ballot during early voting. If trends continue we are
set for a record turnout of 74-78% here, smashing the last
presidential election turnout of 57%.


“Take Back the Vote” Mobilizes Florida voters: Video by Miami Workers Center

Election Day, Grassroots Style

So, there is this little thing happening tomorrow called the ELECTION – don’t know if you’ve heard about it or not….

I will be helping to staff the “Community Values Vote” Election Day blog. You (and everyone you know) should check it out for updates and grassroots news from the ground on E-day.

 Too often, elections are reported by gray-haired pundits behind television news desks. This election is different. Over the last year, we’ve seen unprecedented people power behind this election — the culmination of years of grassroots organizing combined with new energy and new voters. So this November 4th, we’ll be reporting on the election from their perspective, from the grassroots up.

We will have stories, pictures, videos and first-hand reports from all across the country! These will be the stories of real people and real voters during this historical election. www.communitychange.org/vote