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Today marks 60 years for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Sixty years ago, today, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adpoted by the United Nations. To mark the anniversary, the Human Rights organization Witness.org is asking people to share the images that opened their eyes to Human Rights.

Today is relevant, because Migrant Rights are Human Rights. For more on how immigration raids violate Human Rights, check out this powerful post from kyledb at Citizen Orange.

I can easily name an image that opened my eyes to human rights.  It’s the image of Tomasa Mendez, who became a poster child for the separation of families after the New Bedford raid. 

Also, visit Immigration Impact for more on how our current immigration system violates Human Rights.

Foreign Protestors Targeted by ICE at the RNC

From Citizen Orange: 

I just got this from brownfemipower:

Cold Snap Legal is staying on top of what is happening to protesters at the RNC. Among some of the latest updates:

#ICE agents are entering jail and pulling out arrestees with “foreign-sounding names!

#Men in jail have been on 23 hour lockdown, They are on hunger strike until this ends and they are either charged or released.

#f you’ve been released from jail and have NOT had your property returned, please call the Coldsnap hotline (651.356.8635). We can help out!

brownfemipower – La Chola (3 September 2008)
This after “raids” were conducted on protestor’s homes in advance of the Republican National Convention.  It’s what pro-migrant bloggers have been saying for a long time now.  The U.S. migration debate affects everyone residing in the U.S.  If you think it just affects migrants, you’ll get your answer when the government bashes your front door in. 

Kyle is right, this should worry everybody, not just immigrants or protestors or people with “foreign sounding names” – everybody.

Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU released this statement regarding the raids and arrests at the Convention.

“Conducting mass arrests and raiding meeting places of innocent Americans exercising their constitutional right to express political dissent are antithetical to the fundamental values of our democracy. Free speech has to be safeguarded during the Republican National Convention, as the workings of our democracy in the streets are as important as those in convention halls. Allegations of police misconduct must be investigated thoroughly and free speech must be safeguarded for the remainder of the convention.”

A Tale of Two Speakers

There is a great post by Yave at Citizen Orange, comparing and contrasting two speakers at the Catholic National Migration Conference last week.

An excerpt:

The immigration debate is not going away.  The days are over of wide bipartisan acquiescence on overly strict legislation trumpeted to the restrictionists followed by lenient enforcement with a wink and a nudge to business.  And deporting 12 million people and their 8 million immediate family members now here in lawful status is a fantasy, one perhaps achievable by a Stalin or a Milosevic, but not in this country.  So let’s talk about fundamentals.  Let’s have this conversation now.

F*@$ you Brown Boy!

I highly recommend that everyone click over to Citizen Orange and read kyledeb’s post on blogging during Obama’s appearance in front of the National Council of La Raza.

Rather than cover what was ocurring inside, Kyle ventured outside to see what kind of public attention the event was garnering. Here is an excerpt – there is some vulgar language involved, as a disclaimer:

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