Kris Kobach Under Fire in Kansas

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is under fire from several Kansas groups over whether he is abusing his power. The delegation of Kansans United in Voice and Spirit, KanVote and Kansas Stronger Together and Sunflower Community in Action argue that Kobach is using tax-payer dollars to travel the country and push his draconian, anti-immigrant platform.

The delegation is asking to see the secretary’s timesheets, schedules, calendar and phone records since last January, when he first took office.

Just last week, hundreds of protestors rallied outside of his Topeka office to voice their frustration, chanting “Si se puede” and “Justice now.”   The majority of the protestors were Latinos who came to voice their outrage and disgust over the state’s draconian anti-immigration legislation. Protesters advocated for support of all “…person regardless of their race, (sexual) orientation or documented status.”  The Secretary wasn’t at the rally, however.

Of late, Mr. Kobach,  the architect of numerous harsh anti-immigration bills, including those of Alabama and Arizona,  has been traveling the country, pushing his anti-immigrant platform.

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