DREAM Act Closer to Reality in Maryland

Yesterday, the Maryland State Senate passed a bill that will allow undocumented students to pay in-state tuition.  The vote was a triumph for youth and immigrant rights advocates who have lobbied hard for months on behalf of the bill.  The so-called Maryland DREAM Act now goes to the State House of Delegates.  If approved, Gov. Martin O-Malley has promised to sign the bill into law.

A video posted by the We Are America stories project  features two high school seniors named Jackie and Jaime who would benefit from the Maryland DREAM Act. Both are accomplished students with high GPAs and big aspirations; both are undocumented and therefore under the current system must pay out-of-state tuition and can’t receive scholarships.  Jackie and Jaime are leaders of CASA de Maryland’s “Youth Committee,” which has been at the forefront in the fight for the in-state tuition bill.

See the video here:

One response to “DREAM Act Closer to Reality in Maryland

  1. Note that even if illegal aliens get in-state tuition and graduate from college, they will STILL be illegal aliens and ineligible to worker here legally–and the State doesn’t have the power to do anything to change that. The federal Dream Act failed last fall, and only passed the House because it was pushed through in a lame duck session when Democrats had already been voted out. So, kids, if the House of Delegates if fool enough to pass this bill, then plan on getting your education and going home–or you’ll be some of the most highly educated burger flippers and cleaners around.

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