“I ask Obama to stop putting mothers in jail…”

by Dennis Chin, guest blogger

New Jersey is stepping up to the plate!

Check out Spanish-language coverage of an Mother’s Day immigration action by New Labor in New Jersey.

A young immigrant activist in this clip says “I ask [President] Obama to stop putting mothers in jail, and put mothers with their kids.”

Funny how children can boil down an issue to its most essential parts.

Check out these photos from other pro-migrant actions in  New Jersey.   Let’s keep the pressure on!

Activists in Trenton, NJ.

Rallying in Hightstown, NJ

At the steps at NJ’s capital.

Photos:  New Jersey Immigration Policy Network

3 responses to ““I ask Obama to stop putting mothers in jail…”

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  2. Yes, children can boil this issue down. In our local school district the poverty level has increased to over 50% from about 22% in the last decade.
    How many children of illegals do the local taxpayers have to support? The taxpayers had no say in who to admit – no say at all. That’s why they are increasingly angry. Only 3 million workers (of any kind) are needed to support agriculture needs in the US. That means we have a huge excess.
    Why are more and more people of color seeing what immigration attorneys cannot? Immigration attorneys who THRIVE on the constant flow of illegals – I guess we get it.
    Yes, we do.

  3. Dennis Chin

    Are we subsidizing undocumented immigrants or are they subsidizing us?



    As taxpayers in a democracy we certainly do have the right to make decisions that govern our lives. We also have the responsibility to understand that we as taxpayers allow the free flow of capital across borders (that frequently impoverish neighboring countries thus creating the conditions for migration) but prohibit the free flow of labor.

    Not to mention, immigrants are more than just labor. They are a deeper part of our community than you can imagine. They are my friends and my neighbors and they deserve recognition.

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