TOMORROW: DC vigil to protest SB 1070

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Today, we saw the worst of our country signed into law in Arizona. Today, we mourn the loss of dignity. As President Obama said, the new law in Arizona threatens:

…to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.

If you’re in DC come to Dupont Circle tomorrow night, Saturday April 24th at 8pm. Bring candles, friends and family.

We will holding vigil in solidarity with the community in Phoenix, AZ – where a vigil will be held at 5pm MST.

Be ready to call for justice.

See you there.

3 responses to “TOMORROW: DC vigil to protest SB 1070

  1. hi my name’s giseli and i like to help immigrants too….please let me know how i can help….i’m really interested to help tousants people here….i live in massachusetts….thanks

  2. Mariposa Facist officers use racial profiling on BIG American Hispanic citizen who was attending an event at the University of Phoenix.Officer harassed citizen three different times when American citizen was enjoying the tailgate fans of wrestle mania. When name and badge numbers were requested by citizen, officer threatened to ta-zed American Big Citizen. Officer waited until citizen exited restroom and swarmed citizen with at least 15 officers. Big Diabetic,was ta-zed and unconscious for more than 5 hours without any medical attention. He was threatened to be kept indefinitely if he didn’t sign papers which he could no see because he was very sick and the officers were told about the diabetes. No Miranda rights, no due process, Officers denied medical attention. Then they took his money and he could not buy food when released in the middle of some parking lot, disoriented due to the diabetes the trauma just experienced under the color of authority. Please investigate Racist Profiling, unlawful practices. This is real people You have no rights in Arizona

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