Supreme Courts extends rights of immigrants to due process

Yesterday, the Supreme Court made a landmark decision that upholds due process for immigrants in court. The decision means that any immigrant defendant has a right to be informed about whether or not a plea could lead to deportation.

From the Washington Post:

“The severity of deportation – the equivalent of banishment or exile – only underscores how critical it is for counsel to inform her noncitizen client that he faces a risk of deportation,” said Justice John Paul Stevens, who wrote the opinion for the court.

The decision puts a new burden on lawyers to advise immigrant clients about the consequences of a guilty plea…”

Jose Padilla, the defendant in the case, had lived in the United States for 40 years as a legal permanent resident and was facing automatic deportation for  a plea made in 2001. He was told by his lawyer that the plea would not affect his immigration status.

Yesterday’s decision ruled that:

“It is our responsibility under the Constitution to ensure that no criminal defendant – whether a citizen or not – is left to the ‘mercies of incompetent counsel.'”

This is a big victory for immigrant rights in the U.S. legal system, though it comes at the cost of thousands of deportations that should have been legally avoided.

For more on this decision check out:

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5 responses to “Supreme Courts extends rights of immigrants to due process

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  2. What did Jose DO – to someone?

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  4. With all do respect but if the us stands for justice then why a long time green card holder is facing deportation for a non agravated felony from back in 1987 why tell me why?i ended up loosing my green card do to a robery and can not replaced because of the anfairnes of the law what remedies do i have ?retroactive laws on legal immigrants prior to 1996 is totally unconstitutional and you all know it so please fix it

  5. There’s been no real movement on immigration and ICE continues its unfair and haphazard deportation and detainment policies. I think President Obama is genuinely interested in immigration reform, but put it on the back burner while focusing on health care reform. Now that he and the Democrats have realized that bipartisanship attempts are useless and that they can actually pass legislation over Republican objection, let’s step up the pressure for immigration reform. My guess is Obama will wait until the November elections before engaging in this controversial initiative, and this Hartford, CT immigration attorney hopes that Obama and the Democrats will then move quickly to alleviate the unfairness and suffering inherent in the current immigration and naturalization system.

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