Upcoming March for America yields results, Obama affirms commitment & agrees to next steps

Today, 12 grassroots leaders sat down at the table with President Obama to have an open and honest discussion about delivering immigration reform in 2010. Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director of the Center for Community Change, kicked off the meeting by putting things in perspective for the President.

“The President today heard two messages loud and clear.  He heard about the pain caused by the administration’s enforcement only approach to immigration and how it is tearing families apart.  He also heard about the possible consequences of breaking his promises to deliver comprehensive reform: a growing backlash in the immigrant and Latino communities.”

That growing backlash will soon be descending on the nation’s capitol as tens of thousands of people prepare to march for immigration reform on March 21st. It is the looming prospect of this mass mobilization that drove the administration to meet with grassroots leaders today. We’ve been building our power as a movement and now we are demonstrating that power. We have earned our place at the table and the President has promised concrete next steps.

“We walk away from this very productive meeting optimistic that if the White House follows through on its commitments, comprehensive reform can be achieved this year.  Organizers are doing their part. This meeting is the direct result of the tens of thousands of people preparing to march on Washington on the 21st of this month.  Now, the President and Congress need to do their part.”

Today, we heard yet another affirmation of the President’s commitment to our issue. On March 21st, we will affirm that commitment is not enough, we need real action on immigration reform this year.

2 responses to “Upcoming March for America yields results, Obama affirms commitment & agrees to next steps

  1. I want to thank groups like yours for fighting for the rights of illegals with American spouses and children. My husbands is illegal and was deported twice 8 years ago before we ever met and fell in love. He has no criminal record and were just one of thousands that had a traffic violation or just broke down on the side of the road and when asked by law enforcement to provide his drivers license he of course didn’t have one. I live in Oklahoma which is not supportive in regards to immigration reform except to make the situation even worse. I think it is ridiculous that illegals can legally get married in the U.S. but they can’t become legal afterwards if they have multiple deportations without a criminal record. Sure, they say you can file a waiver based on hardship but finances and ripping the American spouses and children away causing unbelievable pain isn’t enough for them. How is this not a hardship? I have cried many many hours over my husbands situation. He hasn’t been able to see his family in 8 years. He works everyday without complaint to provide for his family. Thank you again for your hard work and if there is anything I can do from Oklahoma please let me know.

  2. I want to thank groups like this for stirring up our country – making everyone miserable – and trying to inflict misery on one country – when you could try to inflict misery on Spain, Mexico, or any country in South America or Central America.

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