Senator Durbin: change takes courage – just ask immigrant youth!

Tomorrow, in Chicago, hundreds of immigrant youth will meet in Union Park to for a National “Coming Out” Day (part of National Coming out week led by the United We Dream Coalition).  Led by the Immigrant Youth Justice League, in partnership with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, tomorrow’s action is aimed at pressuring Senator Dick Durbin to show active leadership in passing comprehensive immigration reform and the Dream Act.

From the IYJL site:

This action is a call for leadership from Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), who has worked for and promised the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform for years. Now, as the Senate’s second-ranking leader, he is in a position to deliver. As our senator, and a long-time supporter of immigrant youth, we need him to lead on the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform this year.

“We cannot wait any more. Not while our parents are getting deported and our youth’s dreams fall apart due to an obsolete immigration system that has failed us and the country. I have supported Senator Durbin and President Obama, and now we need them to act. This country cannot wait anymore, we will not wait any longer,” said Ireri, IYJL member.

While the White House has delayed yet another meeting on immigration reform, the grassroots movement for immigrant rights is growing restless and impatient. Yesterday, this was tweeted from the IYJL twitter account:

When u are forever fighting a degenerating sense of “nobodiness” then u will understand why we find it difficult 2 wait.

For lawmakers, and even for some advocates, this issue is simply political: the “right” time, the “right” climate, the number of votes, the mid-term elections. But for youth who are stuck in the shadows of a country that is failing to recognize them as full people, there is no right time and there is no right climate: it’s now or nothing.

So, Senator Durbin, the immigrant youth of this movement understand that change takes courage. They are risking everything to come out and stand up for justice. Will you show this same courage and lead?

Tell Senator Durbin that change takes courage>>

Photos courtesy of ICIRR and IYJL.

3 responses to “Senator Durbin: change takes courage – just ask immigrant youth!

  1. Houseonahill

    Unfortunately, due to marches for reform, my child’s school must close down again. This angers me.

    Additionally, I am confused as to why there isn’t more energy geared toward encouraging respective countries to reform so that we don’t have to incur mass legalization. This is all political banter to change U.S. policy to benefit other countries while using U.S. citizens are used as baits and pawns.

    I find it despicable and irresponsible.

    I also would really like to know how an overburdened government will deal with the hundreds upon thousands of offenses that have been made by peoples of all countries who are here with no documentation that technically can not be properly monitored. As a civil servant, I over the years have supervised hundreds of thousands offenders who are not removed, yet are receiving government funded treatment and services related to their crimes.

    I will not be urging my senator for legalization. It is unfair and irresponsible.

  2. Unfortunately, due to marches for reform, my child’s school must close down again. This angers me.

    Where is the announcement about your child’s school closing because of this? Please don’t make things up.

    If you have to lie to make your point, then chances are you don’t have a point to make in the first place.

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