Grassroots Groups Blast White House for Escalating Deportations and Detentions

In the lead up to the March For America on 3/21, grassroots groups are speaking out about their frustration with the current state of immigration policy under the Obama administration and the lack of leadership on immigration reform.

WHAT: Press conference to express discontent with escalation of deportations and detentions by the Obama Administration. Broken promises are creating an uproar that will have electoral consequences.

WHEN: 12 noon, Monday, March 8, 2010

WHERE: Holeman Lounge, National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, Washington, DC

WHO: Speakers include:

  • Angelica Salas, executive director, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
  • Pramila Jayapal, executive director, OneAmerica (Seattle, WA)
  • Artemio Arreola, Mexican-American Coalition for Immigration Reform
  • Brent Wilkes, national executive director, League of United Latin American Citizens
  • Nitza Segui Albino, National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities
  • Dae Joong Yoon, executive director, Korean Resource Center

WHY: The Obama Administration’s shift in emphasis from “worker raids” to “paper/desk raids” has provided a veneer of civility to immigration enforcement, but the impact on families and communities is equally sinister. Under DHS Secretary Napolitano, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed a record number of immigrants from the country in 2009. Deportations have increased by more than 60% since the Obama Administration took office.

Our communities are uniting to say, “Enough!” At 12 noon, Monday, March 8, grassroots leaders from various organizations from all over the country will hold a press conference to renounce the tactics of the Obama Administration. Our communities supported Barack Obama’s candidacy under the premise he would bring a more humane approach to immigration enforcement. We believed then Sen. Obama when he said:

“But we cannot – and should not – deport 12 million people. That would turn America into something we’re not; something we don’t want to be. While we work to strengthen our borders, we need a practical solution for the problem of 12 million people who are here without documentation – many of whom have lived and worked here for years.”

But 15 months into his Administration, our communities continue to suffer. Our families continue to be separated. Working men and women whose only crime has been to search for better lives in this country continue to be jailed and deported.

We will no longer sit silently and allow this to continue. We will make our message clear and unequivocal: President Obama, Stop the raids! Enough with the deportations! Comprehensive immigration reform now!

4 responses to “Grassroots Groups Blast White House for Escalating Deportations and Detentions

  1. The sad thing about Obama’s Immigration policy is that people who suffered most are the inocent family who came to make honest living and cater for their families and loved one. These people have been subjected to inhumane treatment, some of them have been deported and while some live in fear day in day out. The 287(g) secure communities was specifically design to target and arrest criminal alien but what the enforcement does is contrary, rather they arrest and detained inocent undocumented alien. The pogram have engender racial profiling, and bigotry in our society. Mr Obama this has to be stopped. This is not what u promised American and the latino voter. The latino has so much trust in you and it is your duty not to let them down. Stop the deportation now. The situation is getting out of hand. Pass a meaningful comprehensive Immigration Reform.

  2. normarodriguez

    please understand that we as americans have laws on immigration. illegal is illegal all countries have laws. All people should come to the USA legally with dignity.

  3. Bruce Brach

    Congrats to Obama! Deport the criminals who are actively engaged in wide-spread invasion of the United States.

  4. Iwould first like to say as a legal citizen whos family followed all immigration laws to come to this country am outraged by the these grassroots groups mainly the latino communities who honestly believe they should have a voice on the foundation of criminality thats right criminals illegally crossing our borders, knowing they are breaking the law. now just because they dont get caught, they take an americans job. The job of an american born here or an american who came here and went through the due process to become a legal citizen.They know somehow believethey have rights ,they decide to have children and raise families. then the day comes when the cats out of the bag and our government decides they must go back to their country,they cry that they are the victims how dare they split us up. I say you have 2 choices leave and go back without your family or take your family back with you. illegal immigrants cost taxpayers billions in lost jobs,border patrol and handouts. I am so sickened by the manipulation of these types of groups, and by the bravado they have.Bottom line is if you didnt belong here when you got here then you dont belong here now. I was not aware that president Obama had promised illegal immigrants some more illegal rights if he got in if he did shame on him,however he will have my vote because he did. no rights for illegal immigrants no government money for anything except a one way ticket back.please president Obama strengthen our border patrols use force if necessary. send everyone back who is not legal

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