¿Si no es ahora, cuando?

Check out the new ads launched this week in Nevada by the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign.

Tony Plana certainly makes the case for why we need everybody in the fight. What do you guys think?

2 responses to “¿Si no es ahora, cuando?

  1. This is wonderful. I was hoping that our momevment would move towards TV. We are doing a great job on the ground and this will help our passive supporters to understand that we need to do something, NOW! Great job RI4A

  2. What do you guys think?

    Here is what I see, Rachelfirm (sorry if that’s not who posted this):
    He is demanding justice (justicia).
    Based on the images, he does not want immigration law enforced.
    Thus, I infer he believes that immigration law is unjust.
    Presumably, this is because it doesn’t let everybody in.
    This is primarily what is meant by ‘the system is broken’.
    Presumably he cares about this because certain people aren’t all let in.
    If you are against immigration law and its enforcement, you must be for unlimited immigration (at least for certain nationalities, ethnicities, etc.).
    An unbroken system is one which does not exclude anyone from the group of people I come from/care most about (in-group bias).

    The apparent message of appeals such as this–a system which limits immigration is inherently unjust. The ‘just’ amount is however many people want to come here and whoever shows up uninvited should just be allowed to stay. Isn’t that the message?

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