Tonight: The grassroots in action for immigration reform

On Monday, I wrote about the anti-amnesty “tea parties” that barely made an impact this past weekend. The showing from the ALL CAPS wielding blog trolls at ALIPAC was dismal.

… with many events attracting 10-15 people and none attracting crowds of any significance.  This shows what smart political operatives in both parties have known for some time: the anti-immigrant movement is running out of gas, and never had as much fuel as they made believe. [via America’s Voice]

In stark contrast, the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign has managed to harness the grassroots energy of immigration reform advocates and organize over 900 house parties nationwide tonight! The parties will be held to participate in a national telephonic town hall where Rep. Luis Gutierrez will be laying out his plans for an immigration reform bill and the next steps in the fight to win.

This represents some serious people power on the ground with enough momentum to keep pressure on Congress and push for legislation in 2010. This grassroots energy, coupled with last week’s remarks from DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano about hope for reform in 2010 and David Axelrod’s recent comments about the progress being made, makes me feel truly energized for the fight ahead.

I know there are skeptics and I know there are those that feel like the inside-the-beltway-orgs have it all wrong in our approach, but the bottom line is this: there are thousands of people who want to make this legislation a reality, and tonight, they are going to come together to strategize on just how to make that happen. And that’s powerful, no matter where you stand.

2 responses to “Tonight: The grassroots in action for immigration reform

  1. I have just finished reading everything in this blog……what an assemblage of absolute nonsense. Your entire position on immigration is supported by assertions without facts for most of what you espouse. Illegal immigration is a violation of international law. Noone has the right to enter the sovereign domain of another nation without permission. In much of the world anyone trying to do this would be shot. And for the record, in most of the world the immigration laws are much tougher than in the United States. Try immigrating into any nation is Asia and 1/2 the countries in Europe if you think its too tough her. And there is nothing to support your position that illegal entrants to this country can do a better job than Americans. This notion is as bankrupt as your original claim that Americans would not do the work that these people perform. That has been proven wrong time and time again. Try another excuse….nothing your using so far is working. Buy the way, before you start throwing stones, you should know that I am the son of a legal immigrant who took 10 years and several try’s to get here. He didn’t crawl under a fence and would’nt have if he could because he wasn’t interested in starting out in his adopted country by becoming a law breaker.

  2. Big clown hunter

    FAT CHANCE!!! This is still America..and Americans make the rules!!

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