ACTION: Say NO to scapegoating immigrants to block health care reform

health care

Folks, we are in the home stretch of the long and brutal fight for health care reform. After months of vicious debate, this weekend the House of Representatives will be finally voting on the bill.  The truth is, we are still short the votes we need to finally pass this vital piece of legislation.

And, right on cue, the GOP is planning to use immigration as a wedge in order to derail this historic and important vote. The party of  “NO” is yet again using their favorite scapegoat, undocumented immigrants, to try and deny the American public the accessible health care it deserves.

We cannot stand by and let this happen. Pick up your phone NOW and call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-866-587-3023. Ask to be connected to your Representative. When you are connected tell them two things:

  1. Vote YES on the health care reform bill.
  2. Don’t allow the obstruction of health care by using undocumented immigrants as scapegoats.

I cannot stress how important it is that this bill NOT be blocked by Republicans using fear and xenophobia to push their own political agenda.

Tell your Senator to stop the scapegoating and pass real health care reform NOW.

One response to “ACTION: Say NO to scapegoating immigrants to block health care reform

  1. Hey clowns, the “race card” is starting to wear REALLY thin, and using it shows how pathetic your actual arguments are. Supporting the LAW of the land does not make one a xenophobe, no matter how many times that sad little tools like yourself claim it to be so!

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