Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Can we shut this guy down yet?

Though I caught wind of this story last week, I just sat down to do some research this morning and all I can say is “Are you KIDDING me?!?!”. Last week Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has made a name for himself by hunting down the “illegals” of Maricopa County, Arizona, admitted that clothing, conduct and speech are the characteristics that help him determine the immigration status of potential targets. He may as well have said “Well, I racially profile people. That’s how I know”. Incredible. Check out the clip below:

Arpaio is facing ever-increasing scrutiny over his immigration enforcement practices and is currently under a Department of Justice investigation for the countless allegations of racial profiling leveled at his agency. Apparently, Arpaio’s biggest defense was the Federal law he mentioned in the video above. The irony is, the Federal law that Arpaio cites as giving him the power to use these characteristics in his enforcement practices isn’t a law at all. In fact, its a legal analysis that was published by none other than FAIR, the anti-immigrant organization designated a hate group by the SPLC.

However, Matt Bunk of the Arizona Capitol Times points out that no such language exists in any federal immigration law and that the document that Arpaio continuously referenced and passed out at a press conference is actually a legal analysis published by a designated hate group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

When questioned about this, Arpaio admitted that it “might not be a law” but that there was “definitely a law out there” that gave him the power to do this. Basically, Arpaio is admitting that he is operating OUTSIDE of the law and has pledged that he will continue to do so, regardless of how far the administration goes in reigning in his powers.

In fact, even though the government has stripped Arpaio’s authority to conduct immigration raids in Maricopa County, he has promised that today he will be conducting one of his famous sweeps. No word yet on if that’s happened, but it’s clear that this man’s power needs to be taken away. Senator Jose M. Serrano had a letter to the editor published in today’s New York Times, where he gets to the heart of the issue:

…Extremists like Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, are just part of the problem; federal policies that empower these men represent the underlying threat to immigrant communities.

The system is broken. And the longer it waits to be fixed, the more dangerous this threat will become.

[via Andrea Nill at Think Progress]

2 responses to “Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Can we shut this guy down yet?

  1. Be honest, Sheriff Joe is under attack because his organization is more successful at deporting more illegal aliens than any other, with something like 30,000 repatriations. Gittleson says that its our fault that we don’t enforce our laws, but when it happens, all he does is rant about the fact we are doing so. He exposes the hypocrisy inherent within the illegal alien advocacy groups today. We can’t even build a fence and defend our national sovereignty without some advocacy group fighting the effort. Its obvious to everyone that advocates of illegal aliens want to deny our internationally recognized right to defend our borders. Complaints of racial profiling are common lies put out to obstruct this right, to nullify our enforcement efforts. Stop an illegal alien’s clunker for missing tail lights, discover he has no driver’s license, query him about his residency, send off to the pokey awaiting ICE and get criticized for racial profiling. Everyone sees right through the motives for the demonetization of Sheriff Joe. It’s the same dirty exploitation of our laws that the leftists are famous for.

    How much credibility can we expect of those who would sneak their family members over the border and harbor them within their homes, and have as their agenda, open borders. It’s obvious to the vast majority of Americans that the hue and cry is motivated by his success and nothing else. That’s why you advocates have so little support in getting CIR or firing Sheriff Joe. Sheriff Joe will still be doing his thing when CIR is dead.

  2. Looks like Hitler is in Arizona

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