Family Unity: Now is the time!

Leaders from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights start the trek to Washington, DC to join in the day of action for Family Unity.

Today is the day we have all been waiting and preparing for. Today, thousands of leaders and advocates from across the country are uniting in Washington, DC to call on their members of Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform. Today, we are saying enough is enough. Today we are demanding that families not be torn apart. Today we are saying “ya basta” for our communities.

I am on my way to the Church of the Reformation, where advocates will be gathering before they hit the halls of Congress to speak directly to their Representatives. I will be live-blogging today’s events, so be sure to stay tuned for more at the Reform Immigration FOR America blog.

Also, if you’re on Twitter, follow us at @RI4A or use the #famunity hashtag if you’re tweeting about today’s events.

If you can’t be in Washington, or any of the more than 3 dozen local events happening across the country, click here to find out 6 ways to be a part of today’s action.

One response to “Family Unity: Now is the time!

  1. Actually, it is those who argue to include illegal aliens in the census that are politicizing it. Permitting illegal aliens to be counted actually give political power to illegal aliens through their citizen supporters, as the additional congressional seats garnered gives added voice to their citizens friends and family members who support their illegal presence. Added congressional seats would be at the expense of legal citizens, as their voice is diluted.

    My guess is that the average citizen would object vociferously to counting illegal aliens if they realized the consequences to their democracy. Citizens and legal residents who are not harboring illegal aliens really wouldn’t care if those who do so are disenfranchised by failing to answer a census form. Your comment falls on deaf ears to all but the choir to whom you preach.

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