UPDATE: Jorge Alonso Chehade granted stay of deportation by last-minute bill

jorge alonso

Yesterday, Representative Jim McDermott, introduced a private bill on behalf of Jorge-Alonso Chehade, allowing him to qualify for legal permanent residency. Today, motion to reopen Jorge-Alonso’s immigration case will be filed to the Seattle Immigration Court, ending the deportation order and deadline.

Please call Representative McDermott’s office and thank him for his actions: 202-225-3106

While this is a victory, its only a partial one. We can’t expect lawmakers to step in and play hero each time a DREAM student is facing deportation. Many have already been deported or will continue to be deported while Congress and the administration keep delaying immigration reform and the DREAM Act. Just today a new blog post is up at DREAMActivist that has a letter from a deported DREAM student. We have to keep up the pressure.

4 responses to “UPDATE: Jorge Alonso Chehade granted stay of deportation by last-minute bill

  1. globaljusticelaw

    I so appreciate all of the support that Alonso has received from this community. As his attorney, we have been overwhelmed and gratified by the community’s efforts to help him. Keep up the great work for Alonso, and for all other young people who would benefit from the DREAM Act!

    Karol Brown, Immigration Attorney
    Global Justice Law Group

  2. I’m so glad he’s allowed to stay in this country, I hope he continues studying & getting big achievements to demostrate he deserves the opportunity to leave here, and so he makes everyones involved in his cause PROUD! 🙂

    This outcome is such a big hope for all of us who Dream like Alonso!

  3. I have a question: why should he be allowed to stay when he has been in the country illegally for many years now? Not following the process of immigration laws this country has set forth to legally allow him to stay here.

    I am not against LEGAL immigration. Simply question the right of those who are illegally here and their rights to stay here benefiting off of the system in place and utilizing what citizens work so hard for every day.

    I am also not questioning this young man, his ethnics or morals. Simply his RIGHT to be here.

  4. Shirley Osterhaus

    It is so wonderful to hear GOOD NEWS and that Jorge has been granted a stay of deporation. I need contact info for Jorge since he is scheduled to speak at WWU next Wed, Jan 13 and the old email is no longer operating. Could someone please help me get in touch with him so I can make final arrangements for his presentation? Thank you

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