As pressure mounts, Lou Dobbs is feeling the heat

In the past few weeks, multiple groups have launched campaigns to get Lou Dobbs off the airwaves at CNN. First, there is the Drop Dobbs campaign, partnering with Media Matters to track Lou’s misinformation and hate speech, then there is the Latino led Basta Dobbs, the Enough is Enough campaign from Democracia and the recently launched TV ad campaign by America’s Voice (video above).

Yesterday’s launch of tv ads targeting Dobbs and CNN was coupled with a scathing blog post from Adam Luna at America’s Voice.

The real question is, what else does Dobbs have to do to get fired?  He called Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst a “public service,” perpetuated the birther conspiracy, has congratulated the Minutemen, and just last week was honored by the anti-immigrant group FAIR – designated a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It’s time that CNN executives and the other “talent” at CNN deport Dobbs to Fox or talk radio where he belongs.  He doesn’t deserve the CNN seal of approval. Until CNN deals with its Lou Dobbs problem, any attempt to reach out to Latino audiences will be pure hypocrisy.

Seems like our friend Lou is feeling the heat. On his show yesterday, he took some time out to respond to the current campaigns for his dismissal.  Roberto Lovato (a leader in the BastaDobbs campaign, with had a recent post about the campaigns to drop Dobbs’ that circled the blogosphere and apparently, they were enough to get under Dobbs’ skin. Lovato wrote:

Dobbs left the realm of facts a long time ago. What Dobbs plies is not even “advocacy journalism,” as he sometimes calls it. It’s propaganda, and it’s dangerous. At a time when discrimination against Latinos is growing, and FBI statistics signal a 4 year rise in anti-Latino hate crimes, experts are beginning to draw a connection between anti-immigrant messages in the media and anti-Latino discrimination and violence in communities across the country. In other words, it seems that when Lou Dobbs talks, people can get hurt.

Check out Dobbs’ ranting response below. It’s clear that he is feeling the pressure, given that his response is to flag the first amendment in order to defend his own steady stream of anti-Latino xenophobia, dressed up as  “advocacy journalism”.

Dobbs refers to Lovato as a “flea”, but obviously these actions are getting something right. Let’s keep up the pressure!

One response to “As pressure mounts, Lou Dobbs is feeling the heat

  1. Robert Gittelson

    President Kennedy’s famous line from his 1963 speech in Berlin was “Ich bin ein Berliner,” (I am a Berliner). Well, in solidarity with my fellow CIR advocate Roberto Lovato, (in reference to the recent and wildly inappropriate attack on his character by Lou Dobbs), “Ich bin ein Floh,” (I am a Flea).

    It looks like our friend Lou Dobbs is feeling the heat, and he isn’t taking it well. For him to call Roberto Lovato a “flea,” on his 9/22/09 show, tells us as much or more about his own true character than many of his off color and racially charged attacks against undocumented immigrants over the past several years. This remark deserves a closer look.
    For Dobbs to dehumanize Lovato by calling him a flea, shows that he does not consider Lovato an equal on human terms. Lovato is Hispanic, and clearly Dobbs is disconcerted enough to let down his guard, and exclaim, (metaphorically), “how dare you speak to me that way, you uppity……..,” well, you get the picture. Dobbs came off like a plantation owner who goes into a rant when one of his slaves dares to talk back to him. I’m sure that if Dobbs had his buggy whip at hand, he would have loved to give Lovato a good thrashing, and put him in his place.

    Personally, I haven’t sounded off on the escalating calls for CNN to fire Dobbs, as I was waiting to see how Lou tried to squirm out of this tight spot that he made for himself. However, after seeing him try to reduce Roberto to a less than human, non-entity that was unworthy of his time and patience, I have decided that enough is enough, Dobbs must go.

    In point of fact, I have been calling Lou Dobbs out for years. For example, back in 2008, I wrote, “Dobb’s is so out of touch with reality, and so self-obsessed with this issue, that he has literally become a caricature of himself. At what point will CNN do the merciful thing for our country pull the plug on this xenophobe?,0303.shtm

    I also wrote, “The Lou Dobbs show distorts or misrepresents the facts to reflect negatively on our nation’s undocumented immigrants on a nightly basis….. Obviously Dobbs’ show draws good ratings, or they wouldn’t keep it on the air. However, in would be to CNN’s benefit as responsible journalists to, at minimum, post some sort of disclaimer such as, “The views and opinions represented on the Lou Dobbs Show do not reflect the views and opinions of CNN, and are provided for the entertainment value of their viewing audience”.

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