ACTION: Stop the Deportation of Dreamer Jorge-Alonso Chehade


Its long overdue that I blog about the latest campaign to stop the deportation of a DREAMer. Jorge-Alonso Chehade is due to be deported this FRIDAY, unless we can convince the Department of Homeland Security to stay his deportation.

I know that many of you helped out in the fights for Walter Lara and Herta Llusho. We have to keep up the pressure on DHS in order to finally achieve a stay of deportation for all DREAM students until immigration reform is passed.

Check out this video that Jorge-Alonso made in honor of Citizenship Day:

Please take action NOW – click here to sign onto the letter asking DHS to stop Jorge-Alonso’s deportation.

4 responses to “ACTION: Stop the Deportation of Dreamer Jorge-Alonso Chehade

  1. Thanks for covering this Rachel!

  2. of course. i’m sorry i didnt’ get to it sooner. i’ve been swamped over here!

  3. 5021 People sing the Letter to support Jorge Alonso Chehade, it’s so AMAZING to refresh the computer & noticed more supporters, the GOAL was only 5,000, thanks to everyone involved in this cause. We still have good hear people who care for others!

  4. And what is Mr. Chehade going to do 10 years from now when the DREAM Act and amnesty STILL haven’t passed?

    I see no reason why Mr. Chehade and other illegal aliens should get a free pass on observing the law when the students I teach overseas have to jump through immigration hoops and pay high foreign student fees to come here.

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