ACTION: Don’t let Congress cave to the Anti’s!

From NILC:

Congress and the White House Have Gone Too Far Now!!
Health Care Reform Hijacked by Anti-Immigrant Extremists

Rather than calling out the opposition’s desperate attempt to derail health care reform by using anti-immigrant scare tactics, the White House and Congress are now “spooked” and in response, threaten to deny immigrants’ access to affordable healthcare.
The White House has said no undocumented immigrants will be allowed to purchase, even at full price, health insurance for themselves or their families.  Health insurance in the Exchange is not a government benefit — it’s like any other item you can purchase in our economy.  Now, despite the fact that they work, pay taxes, and live with family members who are citizens or legal immigrants, undocumented immigrants will not be allowed to buy health insurance, just like everyone else, even if they are able to pay full cost.

Tell the White House and Congress to stand for what is right and pass a health care reform bill that helps, not hurts, Americans!

Calls Needed TODAY to:

  • President Barack Obama at The White House
  • U.S. Senate:
    • Majority Leader Senator Reid (D-NV)
    • Senator Baucus (D-MT) – Chair, Senate Finance Committee
    • Senator Harkin (D-IA) – Chair, Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee
    • Switchboard: 202-224-3121
  • U.S House of Representatives:
    • Speaker Pelosi (D-CA)
    • Majority Leader Hoyer (D-MD)
    • Representative Waxman (D-CA) – Chair, Energy & Commerce Commitee
    • Representative Rangel (D-NY) – Chair, Ways & Mean Committee
    • Representative Miller (D-CA) – Chair, Education & Labor Committee
    • Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Keep reading for talking points and more resources.
What Washington Needs to Hear:
•    We cannot fix the immigration system through health care reform.  All Americans, including immigrants, need better access to health care.  Preventing immigrants from paying their fair share will only make our nation weaker, less healthy, and less secure.
•    Everyone should be allowed to buy health insurance through the Exchange, including undocumented immigrants who are part of our families and communities.
•    Excluding or screening out people from buying health insurance defies the basic principles of the free market and is completely un-American.
•    Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on complex verification schemes aimed solely at appeasing groups that will never support health care reform.  The wrong verification scheme will only create administrative barriers and keep citizens from getting health care they need when they need it.
•    Undocumented immigrants live with family members, including children, who are citizens and legal immigrants.  Attempts to exclude the undocumented from buying health insurance will prevent eligible individuals from getting affordable health care.
•    In response to the attacks, Congress should require the Secretary of Health and Human Services and/or other federal agencies to take the time to develop the most effective, cost-efficient verification method for enrolling in health insurance and getting subsidies without creating harmful and unnecessary barriers for the majority of Americans.

Additional Materials and Resources:

One response to “ACTION: Don’t let Congress cave to the Anti’s!

  1. Is Mr Obama a weakling ?? – A Sissy to be beaten up by the Republican Bullies – Perhaps not – Obama Analysis – Psychoanalysis of Politics

    Many people complain that Mr Obama seems very weak before his enemies, that he seems very detached from Reality, that he lacks certain strength of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Lyndon Baines Johnson … These two mentioned presidents were the main architects of Social Legislation in U. S. Twentieth Century History.

    They had many powerful enemies in their times ( Republicans and Rich Corporations ) but they showed Great Strength and Force of Character to succeed in Legislation.

    Perhaps the people that fear that Mr Obama is a Little Sissy to be beaten up by the Republican Bullies are wrong.

    To analyze the personality of Mr Obama, we have first to understand the he is half “Black” and half “White” … we should paint ourselves with these two colors before wearing Obama’s shoes.

    The condition of being the “Weird”, “Foreigner”, “Stranger” and “Other” in a Hawaian School and later in the U. S. Continent has to have an impact on Obama’s Soul. This has to produce a reserved and interior personality, more introverted than extroverted, in order to survive or to improve his standing in every situation.

    We can not expect Mr Obama to be a buoyant Teddy Roosevelt, or a Franklin Roosevlet from Money and Society Nobility …. Or a Big Texan like Lyndon Johnson. … Obama comes from the World of Underdogs.

    That requires “Survival by Shrewdness”, “Quiet endurance of harsh conditions”, etc …. be quiet and avoid useless revenge for small nuissances.

    So Obama is an occult and hidden personality, but “Filth that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, so Obama may have become stronger with all the Dirt and Filth of Society.

    Every new king, ruler or president has to be very prudent when he reaches the throne.

    It is reported that Caligula and Nero were welcomed as very Human, Civilized, Kind and Polite, during the first years of their Emperorships.

    Obama is not a Caligula or Nero, not even a Tiberius. Obama has little in common with Julius Caesar ( a scion of the Julian Nobility ) but Obama may have an ounce of Augustus ( Diplomacy, Politics ) a gram of Trajan ( Great Builder ) and a pound of Claudius ( Shrewdenss, Intellect, Understanding )

    “Felicitor Augusto, melior Traiano” was a ritual formula to greet the Roman Emperors when they arrived to a new city. “Be luckier than Augustus and better than Trajan”…

    Be more happy and lucky that Augustus and build more good things for the Empire than Trajan.

    Mr Obama may have hidden strengths and reserves of Psychological Strength.

    He may be “Quiet “Waters” : in many countries there are rivers and lakes of incredible danger, because they may have hidden currents, whirls, spins, fast rotations that are not apparent in the surface.

    So the expression “Quiet Waters” may mean “Hidden Dangers”, and as applied to a person, it may mean that under a Quiet and Tranquil personality there are hidden currents of energy and strength to face enemies.

    That Mr Obama seems very “Republican” in Afghanistan and other policies, may be buying time to gain strength or to study a situation. ( Perhaps he is not a strong believer in some of his temporary policies )….

    Mr Obama is Professorial, Rational, Reasonable, Intelligent, Shrewd, Calculator, Cold, Historian, Bookish and Librarian Like, but he may have a hidden maelstrom of energy and strength.

    Vicente Duque

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