ACTION: Tell CNN you don’t want Lou Dobbs supporting hate groups!

Yet again, I’m taking to the blog to talk about our dear friend Lou Dobbs. Next week is FAIR’s annual “Hold their feet to the fire” event and Lou will be front and center to talk about his favorite scapegoat, undocumented immigrants.

FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform), a national anti-immigrant organization, is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Every year FAIR hosts a two-day event that is touted as “Talk Radio’s Annual Drive for Immigration Reform”. What this really means is lots of angry “ginning up” of radio-listeners about “illegals” and two days filled with not-so-veiled racism and hate.

When people stop to wonder why hate crimes against Latinos have rocketed to terrifying rates in the past few years, let’s make sure they start to draw the connection between violence and hate speech perpetuated by events like this.

What can you do?

CALL CNN at 1-866-572-7042 and press 0 to speak to the operator. Once connected, tell them:

You do NOT want Lou Dobbs supporting hate


you do NOT want him to attend FAIR’s National Event in DC next week.

The anti’s derailed immigration reform with their misinformation and fear-mongering in 2007. Let’s make sure they don’t get the chance this year.

6 responses to “ACTION: Tell CNN you don’t want Lou Dobbs supporting hate groups!

  1. CNN:
    The only time I tune in to CNN is to watch Lou Dobbs.
    By the way, I am an American citizen of Hispanic heritage.
    Lou is right on target. I want to see our immigration laws enforced.

  2. Robert Gittelson

    The anti’s, such as FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS. etc., were extremely well organized in 2006 & 2007. The proponents of a fair and just CIR were not, and we got beat. Now, we are much more organized, and we have Standing Firm, RI4A, America’s Voice, etc.. Perhaps we now have the advantage, and perhaps we don’t? The anti’s have, in my opinion, been laying sort of low – for them. Have they lost steam, and are feeling beaten, ready to surrender to the inevitable CIR? Don’t count on it, because that would be dangerously naive. Rather, I suspect that they have been keeping their powder dry, and waiting in the tall grass.

    Now comes FAIR and their Keep Their Feet To The Fire invasion of DC. While it would be a wonderful thing to shut down, (or shut up), Lou Dobbs, part of me feels that we should go ahead and let him speak, if for no other reason than to find out where his head is at. The anti’s “chatter” has been alarmingly muted, as compared to pre-2006 & 2007. Is this the calm before the storm? As they say, “it’s been quite……too quite!” I want to see if perhaps we can get a glimpse of their strategy for the upcoming debate, and I do assume that they have a strategy.

    These folks are wrong, but let’s not assume that they are also stupid. I feel that we have the tools in place to “out advocate” the anti’s, but it would be nice to see where and how we need to deploy our troops. So, let them have their spotlight for a few days. They could very well dig their own graves, as I suspect that most Americans will cringe at their message of nativism and exclusiveness. In the meantime, while the spotlight shines on them, we can take our turn waiting in the tall grass for a few days, to observe, learn, and prepare.

  3. Nothing hateful about Lou Dobbs. Our lack of enforcing our immigration policies have caused a shrinking of the middle class, increase of unemployment, increase in hospital closures, increase in class room size while decreasing our student test scores, and an increase in pollution.

  4. Robert Gittelson

    The above post by “odd1” is excellent, because it affords us the opportunity to discuss precisely the types of “myths and half truths” that we can expect to see emerge from the Hold Their Feet to the Fire convention.

    To work backwards, some quick points about the issues raised above:
    1) Increase in pollution: Of course, whenever a population increases, legal or otherwise, some increase in pollution levels are inevitable. However, remember that these people often don’t drive, (they can’t get Driver’s Licenses), so they depend on public transportation, a very “green” way to travel. They are often low income, and thus are frugal and make fewer purchases, therefore they generate smaller quantities of waste or trash products for landfills.
    2) Increase in class room size while decreasing our student test scores: Again, half truths. Yes, because they tend to congregate in communities, and are not counted in the census, certain areas do experience larger class sizes, which would, of course, be a strong argument for CIR, to apportion federal education dollars more accurately. As to the test scores, again, if CIR passes, it will mandate the the undocumented learn English, and that will improve test scores for the immigrants, (their patents can help with school and homework), but also, because teachers can only teach at the speed of their slowest students, CIR will have a net positive effect on all test scores, citizen and immigrant alike. I might add that recent trends in California, for example, show that not only are Hispanic test scores trending higher, (improving), but they are improving at a greater rate, and with a higher graduation rate, then their English speaking classmates that are black.
    3) Increase in hospital closures: There has been an increase in hospital closures. As to who to blame for that, it is a complicated issue that our nation is certainly struggling with as we speak. Partly, the lack of availability of basic health coverage for undocumented immigrants is a problem. Healthcare reform and immigration reform is certainly needed to fully address this problem, but to scapegoat too much of this problem on undocumented immigrants is not fair, because they generate more income than they cost, but much of the federal tax dollars do not get returned to the immigrant communities because of the fact that they are invisible according to the last census.
    4) Shrinking of the middle class and increase in unemployment: As a domestic manufacturer, I understand this issue better than most, and it is a complicated macroeconomic puzzle. The truth is that, believe it or not, the undocumented immigrants have done much more to mitigate these problems than to cause them. Because of their invaluable contributions to both our agricultural and manufacturing sectors of our economy, (our two largest export components), they are literally holding back the tide of our negative trade imbalance with their bare hands. If not for the undocumented workers, our recession would be much worse, and the ripples would be felt throughout the whole economy. One cannot isolate one segment of our economy without studying the affect of that segment on all of the other segments, because everything is interrelated. Without going into a whole several page thesis, the fact is that the middle class is under attack from multiple market forces, none of which is caused by the undocumented. They have bolstered the middle class against the tides that are truly pushing against it. Arguing to deport or cause attrition on the undocumented class, is literally arguing to bite the hand that feeds us.



  6. Really, just because you put it in all caps doesn’t give your message any more weight. Just because Dobbs is married to a Latina doesn’t minimize the lies and distortions he peddles on his show every day.

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