VIDEO: Why the DREAM Act?

One response to “VIDEO: Why the DREAM Act?

  1. I saw this video : very moving, very tender and very tragic.

    I wish that all these youngsters can stay in the USA forever.

    I admire you because you are young but courageous, brave and vocal. You know suffering but you will succeed in your DREAM ACT.

    I want to analyze two aspects of this problem :


    From the point of view of the Economy, nothing is more stupid than evicting Youngsters, because Youth is a Divine Treasure … The Nation that dislodges and dispossesses youngsters is proceeding against its best economic interests of progress, science, arts, culture, business, etc ..

    The MILITARY : it is not easy to get manpower to assemble armies …. and to get people with high moral values for those delicate purposes of defense.

    Only Bigotry, Hatred and Madness can explain these progroms

    Vicente Duque

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