Right wingers rally to support Minutemen accused of murder, who will support the real victims?

A guest post from Mary Moreno of the Center for Community Change.

It’s all a big conspiracy, apparently, the murder charges against Shawna Forde. So says a new Web site launched in her defense.

Shawna, for those of you unfamiliar with her case, stands accused of murdering 9-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father, Raul Flores, in Pima County Arizona, in what police have described as a home invasion. The district attorney there recently announced he was seeking the death penalty for Shawna and her two accused co-conspirators.

Shawna also happens to be a leader in the anti-immigrant movement, a one-time Minuteman member and border vigilante. After her arrest, nearly all her former associates wisely distanced themselves from her. But now, bizarrely enough, some have come back to her defense, launching a Web site that tries to paint Shawna as a victim!

Absurd is the first word that comes to mind. The Web site tries to sell this notion that Shawna is being targeted because of her anti-immigrant views, for being “patriotic.” That’s idiotic! The site also claims the case is not about murder, but about attempts to “marginalize the majority of patriotic Americans who believe in American values and sovereignty.” Two people are dead, so yes, it is about murder. Do these people really believe there is a massive conspiracy involving law enforcement and the district attorney’s office? These people are nuttier than they’re given credit.

The Web site was started by Laine Lawless, 59, who according to the Arizona Daily Star is a longtime anti-immigrant activist who founded the local group Border Guardians in 2005 and initiated the burning of Mexican flags in Tucson in 2006.

She’s trying really hard to make Shawna the victim. On the “politics” page of the Web site, Lawless writes, “Shawna is being targeted by design simply because she is a Caucasian woman who’s been doing a man’s job.” Cue the violins.

The site doesn’t present any evidence of Shawna’s innocence, and really, it isn’t up to any of us to decide that. But the idea that this whole thing is a conspiracy is preposterous, and holds as much water as all the lies spouted by the anti-immigrant movement.

Shawna and her co-defendants will get their day in court. A jury of their peers will decide their fates. But Shawna a victim? Get real.

6 responses to “Right wingers rally to support Minutemen accused of murder, who will support the real victims?

  1. Robert Gittelson

    I am concerned over what I perceive to be an alarming trend developing , sort of the storm clouds gathering on the horizon, as the CIR debate approaches. As a strong and outspoken supporter of CIR, I have often found myself as the guy with a bullseye on his back, but my fear stopped short of gunplay, because “sticks and stones” took a backseat to “words will never hurt me.”

    That being said, I am not thrilled by the escalation of violence from the right. I think that they are drawing a fine line between insurrection and patriotism, and some of these guys don’t quite understand the difference. After all, the Holocaust museum shooter was a confirmed “birther.”

    To put this into perspective, when my wife and I attended a Familias Unidas event to hear Rep. Gutierrez speak earlier this year, we had to walk through a gauntlet of flag wearing, flag waving taunters hurling nothing more lethal that unsavory epithets and menacing hate speech at us. However, what if they were brandishing firearms, as the latest trend seems to be among these far right wackos? How long is it going to be before one of these guys completely loses it at one of their rallies, and decides to show his patriotism by blowing away some “illegals”, and/or their advocates?

    I think that before we reach the boiling point, “and I feel the temperature rising,” it would be appropriate for some of the Republican leadership to show some, well…… leadership. They should denounce these gun toting yahoo’s instead of embracing their “patriotism.”

    Hopefully calmer heads will prevail, and I pray for civility and rational discourse. I don’t relish the idea of pro-CIR advocates negotiating a CIR bill with a gun literally to their heads.

  2. It is about time we started throwing these total idiots in jail where they belong. I am sick and tired of hearing that the ignorant and crazy think they can do what ever they want in this country. Sooner or later the government will have to stop them all and then the rest of us can live in peace.

  3. She killed a 9 year old child, how very Christian of her.

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  5. The scary part about this is that truly evil people are using the events of the day to attack the “others” and the helpless to promote an armed movement against our federal government. Everyday Americans seem to be to busy to inform themselves about the vicious ends these people seek. It will follow the path of Pol Pot and the Killing Fields of SE Asia.

  6. Latino Evangelicals and Pastor “Butch” Montoya are protesting against Racism and the Racist Justice System – Latino Evangelicals wake up to a Harsh Reality

    Pastor Fidel “Butch” Montoya writes an intelligent and learned article against the Racism that kills Blacks, Jews, Asians and Latinos. And against a Racist Justice System. He writes in LatinoLandscape.com ( a most beautiful website )

    He quotes other Evangelical Latino Pastors that protest against this most unChristian attitude and behaviour of many Americans.

    I am glad that the Latino Evangelicals are beginning to realize and acknowledge the Brutality and Sadism of the Right Wing.

    He makes a recount of the Brutality and Sadism of Homophobia like the killing of Matthew Shepherd and the Racism and Brutality of hanging thousands of Blacks from trees, only because of Hate, Hatred, Sadism, Brutality.

    “Butch” Montoya recounts the brutality of the Hate Crime against Luis Ramirez and how the perpetrators were acquitted, absolved, exonerated. Also the killing of little girl Brisenia Flores and her Father by Minutemen Racists.

    I hope that more and more Latino Evangelicals see the Perversion, Sadism and Bastardy of many Bigots and Racists inside the Republican Party. Unfortunately the White Evangelicals are the “base” for the Republican Party.

    By Fidel “Butch” Montoya

    The American stripes and “patriotic” vigilantes: Red, white and blue in the face


    Some excerpts :

    When Matthew Shepherd was brutally attacked and left to die on some fence on a lonely prairie road in Wyoming, there seemed to be universal shock and disbelief. Wyoming always reflected the Old West and the values of the past encouraged by Manifest Destiny – white entitlement at all cost. So there in the middle of nowhere, Shepherd hung on that old fence as if he were a scarecrow, which is what his rescuers initially thought he was when discovering him.

    After being coerced by two bar acquaintances to drink and then leave with the two men, they violently turned on the young man for being gay and murdered him for his wallet and money. Shepherd’s brutal murder became one of the most famous hate crime deaths leading to movies, marches, protests, and a new effort by the gay community to make more people aware of hate crimes against gays.

    We have heard the stories of how innocent blacks had to face hate, disrespect and death when many were hung from trees like common criminals just because whites hated black people. There is no question; this brutal and hateful period of history in this country is something we must constantly be vigilant. And we must rally against the violent hate crimes committed against black men and women in our country.

    At the turn of the century, Bishop Henry M. Turner was able to express the uncertainty, the fear,and determination felt by many Blacks. “We were born here, raised here, bled and died here, and have a thousand times more right here than hundred of thousands of those who help to snub, proscribe, and persecute us, and that is one of the reasons I almost despise the land of my birth.”

    In his book, “Faces at the Bottom of the Well,” Professor Derrick Bell writes about the history of persecution endured by blacks. Professor Bell’s book has shaken the very foundation of our beliefs. He observes, “Many people will find it difficult to embrace my assumption that racism is a permanent component of American life.”


    Vicente Duque

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