FIRM Spotlight: Make the Road New York asks the state to Get Out of the Deportation Business


From our partners at Make the Road New York:

Over the past several years federal immigration agents have established a permanent presence on Rikers Island and in other New York City Department of Corrections (“DOC”) facilities. Without any oversight, accountability or written agreement U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) agents have regularly conducted coercive and deceptive interrogations of pre-trial detainees, effectively denying those detainees their constitutional rights to be presumed innocent, to remain silent, and to an attorney.

As a result of these interrogations, immigrants are less willing to cooperate with local police as witnesses and victims of crime — undermining everyone’s safety. Despite its rhetoric of reform, the Obama administration has continued the Bush administration’s enforcement-only approach — leading to the deportation of countless New Yorkers, many with no criminal record, leaving the deportees’ families abandoned in New York and dependent on our City’s strained social service system. Previously unreleased FOIA responses outlining the scope of ICE operations in DOC facilities will be made public for the first time.

On August 25th, at 11 AM, Make the Road New York will gather with religious and faith leaders from the surrounding communities to call for and end to federal immigration agents’ dishonest, immoral and dangerous enforcement operations.

WHERE: Judson Memorial Church, 239 Thompson St., New York, NY 10012

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