What would YOU ask Janet Napolitano?

Tomorrow, there will be a meeting with immigration reform advocates at the White House. Our partners at the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign will be represented and they want to bring your questions straight to the White House!

They invited folks to send in questions for the administration – I already sent mine! You can check out the most recent questions here. The top 3 questions will be asked at the meeting.

If you would like to ask a question, text ASK (PREGUNTA for Spanish) or CLICK HERE.

2 responses to “What would YOU ask Janet Napolitano?

  1. joseph goodman

    I left ariz. before people in the state were stupid enough to elect you! I can not believe that you think the government is the only ones that can take care of things if someone is sick!

  2. If you are in this country illegally…Leave and apply for entry the legal way. GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY

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