ACTION: Pilgrimage for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

From our partners at Washington CAN:

Tomorrow, August 11th, advocates will be walking from Bellingham, WA (the site of an immigration raid earlier this year) to the Tacoma, WA immigrant detention center.

The walk from Bellingham to Tacoma is to bring attention to the need for a fair, just, family-centered approach to US Immigration Law by traveling from Catholic Church to Catholic Church, using the Urban Trail (freeways will be avoided as often as possible).

Walking will be an average of 9 miles a day, broken up into three shorter treks daily with prayer, food, and rest after each section. Rest the end of each day in a Church for an overnight stay. If you cannot walk, you can support the Pilgrimage by bringing supplies, making meals, praying and supporting the walkers. Sign up on the blog for whatever you can do! Organizations are welcome to publicize, support and walk.

End the Pilgrimage at the NW Detention Center in Tacoma on Saturday, August 15, with a Prayer Service, asking for a sane, humane way to treat the 12 million immigrants in our country. For more information on the Pilgrimage, visit and for more information on comprehensive immigration reform and the U.S. & Mexican Catholic Bishops’ Letter, “Strangers No More” visit To register for the SU delegation, email

Tuesday, August 11 – Wednesday, August 12, 2009
North Seattle to Seattle (Tues.) / Seattle to Tukwila (Wed.)

Join an SU delegation and pilgrims walking for immigration reform! Meet at SU to carpool to Christ the King and walk to St. James Cathedral on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, walk from Seattle’s St. Mary’s to St. Thomas in Tukwila. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, August 11, North Seattle to Seattle
Christ the King to St. James Cathedral at 8:00 a.m. (8.1 miles) est. arrival at 1:00 p.m.
Mass at 5:30 p.m.  St. James Cathedral
St. James Cathedral to St. Mary’s (1.8)

Wednesday, August 12, Seattle to Tukwila

St. Mary’s to St. Thomas  (9.5 miles)

Sponsored by the Church of the Assumption (Bellingham) Whatcom Pax Christi and Bellingham JustFaith Community

3 responses to “ACTION: Pilgrimage for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  1. Thank you for continuing to bring attention to this issue. Comprehensive immigration reform is too important to remain unnoticed by the politicians in Washington.

    It is because of people like you that the introduction of reform legislation may become a reality.

    Good luck to all of you in your journey!

  2. I agree with Matthew, thank you.
    But I just don’t believe in anything soon:
    the “comprehensive” reform will not be discussed this year.
    It was a priority for M.Obama, he is already behind his schedule.
    Same as the others, he had the opportunity to act since he became president, he didn’t.
    The deportations of parents of u.s citizen is still a reality, and the president didn’t need the congress to act….
    Unfortunately, no matter what the comments are, it seems to me that this is another big blabla…not that I am negative, I am just watching the facts.
    Nothing will change soon despite analyst comments on how a good time it is to act now.
    We will see next year..or the one after…or maybe the next president…

  3. aboveaverageamerican

    Alien don’t so depressed behind being realistic! Senator Schumer and Graham are taking the torch for this as long as a Bill is produced this year the lawmaking process will make it happen. As Matthew Colken said or inferred immigration Reform is a must and goes beyond the borders and legalization that must be a part of it BUT the beginning to strengthen an infrastructure for National Security and acquisition of brain power for the wel being of the US in the future + American Dream…………

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