Leprosy Lou Goes too Far: Why CNN must fire Lou Dobbs NOW


Let’s be honest, as far as a lot of us are concerned, Lou Dobbs has taken his misinformation and hate speech too far numerous times. He has made his name (and his fortune) by scapegoating immigrants and Latinos, adding potent fuel to the Nativist fire. I’ve posted about our dear friend Lou plenty of times, but it seems like the most recent events are finally getting him some real heat from all sides.

Even though the crazy “birther” conspiracy (that claims Obama is not an American citizen, despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary) was completely debunked and filed away under the “ridiculous rumor” category on Lou’s own network, Lou took to his news desk on July 15th to say that Obama is, you guessed it, an undocumented immigrant! In Lou’s world, there is no worse insult he could possibly hurl at our commander in chief. Check it out:

Well, now Lou has gotten himself into trouble. Everyone from the Southern Poverty Law Center to MoveOn.org is pressuring CNN to stand up to Dobbs. CNN is quickly losing credibility as a “trusted” news source and Lou has been integral to that. I, for one, am happy to hear about the pressure put on CNN right now and just the other day I commented to a family member “Why won’t they fire him yet?!”. So, CNN, I think the ball’s in your court.

On another note, its pretty infuriating that its taken Lou going this far to get him the negative attention he has deserved all along, considering that this is nothing new. Same game, bigger target. Mario Solis-Marich hits the nail on the head in his piece from yesterday titled “Dobbs is Being Dobbs“.

The real travesty is that Dobbs has survived so long on a news channel that seems to want respect. It is hard for many Latinos to take any programming on CNN seriously when they have allowed Dobbs to use its logo as a hood to hide the real face of his appeal. “The Most Trusted Name in News” has looked the other way as Dobbs made them cash by selling outright lies about the immigration debate and demonizing immigrant workers. Will CNN officials continue to hide in their accounting suites as Dobbs makes believe that the President of the United States is “undocumented”?

So, CNN, what say you? You gonna finally step up and admit Dobbs is a propagandist entertainer with only shreds of respectable journalism practices? We’re waiting.

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