FIRM Spotlight: New Labor helps to educate and encourage immigrants

Our partners at New Labor in New Jersey were recently featured in an article at the Asbury Park Press. The article describes a group meeting of 50 day laborers in Lakewood, NJ. Our partners at New Labor organize to help the attendees to educate themselves, improve their English and pressure Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

“Maybe they don’t have a vote, (but) they have a voice — and they have to use it,” said New Labor spokeswoman Margarita Camacho Diaz.

At the meeting, attendees were encouraged to take out their cell phones and text JUSTICE or JUSTICIA to the number 69866. This will sign them up to receive action alerts or updates from the Reform Immigration FOR America Campaign directly to their cell phones.

“We are all in this together, because it’s going to better the economy,” Diaz said. “They’re (undocumented workers) not going anywhere. They’re here, they’re working, they’re not doing bad stuff. They just want to better their conditions.”

Undocumented workers want to be a legitimate part of the system, Diaz said. Those in favor of reform say they accept learning the English language and American ways, Diaz said.

“How are you going to use deportation for 12 million immigrants?” Diaz said. “It’s going to cost millions of dollars to the government.”

New Labor is just one of the many groups that are working in local communities to fight for comprehensive immigration reform at the National level. Thanks to New Labor and all the work you are doing.

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