Calling all Immigration Bloggers: Apply to a be Netroots Nation Scholar!

Our partners at America’s Voice are sponsoring 8 immigration bloggers for this year’s Netroots Nation. Check it out:

The America’s Voice – Netroots Nation “Immigration Blogger Scholar” Contest is Here!

The annual Netroots Nation Convention, entering its fourth year now, is a unique gathering of progressive bloggers, activists, issue campaigns, and candidates.

This year, America’s Voice will send 8 immigration bloggers to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the convention, with the help of the Netroots Nation planning committee.

America’s Voice is committed to supporting a vibrant and independent pro-migrant blogosphere and we believe it is critical for bloggers who write about immigration to be well-represented at Netroots Nation.

So, do you know someone working at the intersection of new media and immigration, who blogs on the issue, and who needs some help getting to Netroots Nation?

Apply Today to be a Immigration-Blogger-Scholar at Netroots Nation 2009


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