History Marches on, Natvism Marches in Place

I’m sure that others out there have seen this cartoon before, but I just stumbled across it for the first time today. I thought it was good enough to merit its own blog post. I think that people often forget the history of Nativism in this country. If you take a step back and look at the big (and historic) picture of immigration to the United States, you realize that the tendency to scapegoat the immigrant of the era has always been there. Thankfully, there have also always been the people working to overcome prejudice, xenophobia and misinformation.

2 responses to “History Marches on, Natvism Marches in Place

  1. Too true! Look back at film Gangs of New York, or read about riots of anti-immigrants in Cincinnati and Philadelphia – not today – in the 1850’s.

  2. There has been an enormous amount of racism, nativism and xenophobia against Americans in our country by Mexicans. Thousands of Americans have already lost their lives, unnecessarily, at the hands of illegal alien criminals. Quit whining for these people and defend your own country.

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