ACTION: Tell your Senator to Oppose E-Verify NOW

Senator Sessions has introduced an amendment to the Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2010 that would make E-Verify mandatory for all federal contractors. If implemented, it would affect almost 4 million workers.

The amendment would:

  • Make the notoriously flawed E-verify program permanent.
  • Require all federal contractors and subcontractors to use the program to verify all employees including existing employees.
  • Harm U.S. workers, citizens and non-citizens alike, who are falsely denied work.


  1. Call both of your Senators THIS MORNING (Click here to find your Senator)
  2. Tell them:
  • You OPPOSE the Sessions amendment (#1371) to make E-Verify permanent and mandatory for federal contractors.
  • You SUPPORT having a real debate about immigration issues and the only way for that to happen is by starting comprehensive immigration reform this year.

For more information about the problems with E-Verify, click here.

One response to “ACTION: Tell your Senator to Oppose E-Verify NOW

  1. Robert Gittelson

    Senator Sessions was THE key obstructionist to the passage of CIR is both 2006 and 2007. He stood up on the Senate floor, and implored his fellow Senators not to vote for CIR. His, (supposed), reasoning? He told the Senators that, “the time wasn’t right yet for CIR.”

    Well someone, or everyone, should point out to the Senator from Alabama that the timing just isn’t right yet for e-verify. If we vote to approve e-verify as a stand alone bill, we vote to shoot ourselves in the foot – socially and economically.

    The proper time for an e-verify type of enforcement program is rightfully as part of a comprehensive immigration bill that fully addresses all aspects of our flawed immigration system. The Sessions approach is short sided, and political in nature. The man just flatly doesn’t fully comprehend the damage that he continues to inflict upon our nation. He has, as much as anyone, needlessly affected in a very negative way, the lives of countless millions of families in this country. He has to live with himself, but we shouldn’t have to live with his poor political calculations.

    Implore your Senators to vote against the sessions amendment! Sorry Mr. Sessions, but the time just isn’t right for e-verify. If he wants e-verify so badly, Mr. Sessions should vote for CIR this year!

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