President Obama makes serious commitment to immigration reform

reformIt looks like we aren’t the only ones taking note of the President’s leadership on this issue. Yesterday, the New York Daily News wrote about the building momentum towards immigration reform, led by President Obama. Here’s how it starts out:

If there were any doubts about his commitment to immigration reform, President Obama dispelled them at a bipartisan White House meeting with members of Congress on June 25.

It goes on to cite support for reform from members of Congress and the majority of the American public (including the majority of GOP supporters). A new poll conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group shows that:

While comprehensive immigration reform has some vocal opponents, in our recent national poll, we found that the vast majority of voters (two thirds or more depending on the details) favor comprehensive immigration reform, a position that has not wavered in the face of an economic downturn.

There is widespread support for a comprehensive approach to solving the issue of illegal immigration – among all political parties, regions, ages, both genders, and those who are undecided on the 2010 Congressional race. Voters see a relationship between comprehensive immigration reform and the economy and perceive an economic and fiscal benefit to passing reform. In fact, the economic situation has increased the desire for quick action on immigration reform.

Without giving an explanation of what comprehensive reform means or consists of, nearly two thirds of voters (64%) support it. When voters are given the details of comprehensive reform (see appendix for proposal text), 86% support Congress passing comprehensive reform, with nearly 6 in 10 voters strongly supporting it. Only 7% strongly oppose the plan (14% total oppose).

While there is a very vocal group of folks who are against this legislation, they are the minority (albeit a loud one). The American public wants comprehensive immigration reform – it is now up to Congress to make it a reality and it is up to President Obama to lead the way.

3 responses to “President Obama makes serious commitment to immigration reform

  1. American Girl I liked your comment until you called Americans lazy and yes I hope President Obama can get illegal noncriminal aliens legal. I am American and I am not lazy I have three children a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and am working on my Masters. I am married to a Mexican and have met hundreds of Mexicans and even stayed in Mexico so you can’t fool me and say they aren’t recieving government assistance and always pay bills on time because they all don’t. The population is just like Americans some do things the right way and some don’t. Howver if your for legalizing these individuals they to will be Americans if you don’t like American citizens go home. I hope not all Mexicans think this way about Americans because my husbands family does not they always ask me how I keep my house so clean, take care of three kids, and work full time and yes I actually watch my children I don’t allow them to play in the streets. This is enough about your comment. America if Obama does allow these individuals to become legal please have these rules apply: 1.English must be learned 2. American Laws must be learned 3. No Financial Assistance 4. Only 10% of earning can be sent to home countries 5. Biometric Id must be used, fingerprints for everything 6. Problems with law you go home 7. No Free College 8. Against the law to marry before 18 9. Only so many people can live in the household 10.No Right to Vote for a certain amount of years. I think this is fair illegals did enter illegally they should have regulations. However if they don’t like these options I’m sure their home countries have something better to offer. Last point stop allowing Russians $100,000.000 to come to the U.S this will save money, they to get financial aid and have tons of children. The rate these individuals reproduce we will have to be like China and enforce how many children individuals can have.

  2. jesus morales

    I agree with your way of think on this matter,in every society there is good and bad attitudes towards the work. however the vast majority of inmigrants especially the mexican people and the central americans are a really hard working people.For so many resons we have to imigrate to the U.S. legally or in a diferent way.
    The rules you are proposing seem fair,and should be considerated . All we been asking is to be able to live without fear to be separated of our family leaving kids behind.As a personal experience I been living for 20 years and I have learned to love and respect this country as much as if was my own,please note that just with a simple permit to drive is a big diference nor saying with a permit to work.

  3. brandy vasconcelos

    I am an American Citizen born here in the United States and I agree that those who have come here to work and provide for there families, and make a better life here should be able to apply for a residence without any trouble..they should pay there taxes, speak our language. A lot of illegal immigrants have worked hard to have a life for themselves without breaking any other laws besides coming her illegal. i have a husband who is really worried about getting deported because we have two kids together and he takes good care of my daughter. He works hard and takes care of his family only to worry for one day he will have to go back and leave us here without a way to provide for ourselves…cause i don’t work so i can take care of the kids…i understand what you are saying to live with fear everyday of our lives that the one we love will be lost to us because of who he is and where he comes from…but yet we are the only country that has to have documentation of residency to live here, other countries all you need is a passport and a plane ticket..why is that..and they call us land of the free….we are not free to live where we want without fear…we need the reform and soon..i am praying every night that me and many others like me with families will wake up one day fear free and find happiness..please pray with us that one day we can be like everyone else..

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