Immigrants: The Pride of America

The Carnegie Corporation ran this great ad in Saturday’s New York Times. This is the 4th year in a row the organization has run an ad celebrating the contributions of immigrants on the 4th of July. The ad reads:

Andrew Carnegie, who founded Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1911, was an immigrant from Scotland.
We at Carnegie Corporation salute his legacy, along with the contributions of the millions of other immigrants who
have made, and continue to make, our nation strong and vibrant. We are committed to helping immigrants become
integrated into the civic fabric of our nation because enlightened citizenship is the everlasting strength of our
democracy. Our national motto, E pluribus unum —“out of many, one” — continues to be an ideal we can all
aspire to and a true guiding light for our nation.

CCNY_July 4_Ad_09-FINAL

Click here for a full-size PDF of the ad.

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