Senator Al Franken: Mark one more for immigration reform

This week, the Minnesota Supreme Court (finally) ruled that Al Franken is, in fact, the newest Senator in the United States Congress. The decision comes after an 8 month long debate over the seat, complete with recounts and the drama of a legal battle. Franken’s victory ousted Republican Norm Coleman, who conceded defeat after the court’s ruling.

The blogosphere is buzzing with what this means for Congress, however, America’s Voice has noted that Franken will most likely be a sensible vote for immigration reform. The evidence includes Franken saying it would be impractical to deport 12 million people and that it should be a priority to keep families together. Check out America’s Voice research here.

Welcome, Senator Franken. We are counting on you to add yet another voice to the call for a sensible and solution-oriented approach to immigration reform.

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