ACTION: 3 ways to Help Stop Walter Lara’s Deportation

Walter Lara is a 23 year old Honor Student. He graduated from high school and college with honors. He has lived in the United States since he was 3 years old, when his family immigrated from Argentina.

Walter Lara will be deported in 5 days, unless Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano intervenes on his behalf.

Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Call Janet Napolitano, using SEIU’s “click-to-call” page by clicking here.
  2. Sign the letter to be delivered to DHS tomorrow by clicking here.
  3. If you are on Twitter, follow Walter here and then re-tweet this post: RT @WalterLaraUSA: This is my last chance,please call Secretary Napolitano right now.

Senator Bill Nelson has drafted a letter to Sec. Napolitano requesting that they defer action on Walter’s deportation because “he has earned the chance to live and work here and call America home.”

The provost of Miami Dade college, where Walter earned his degree had this to say about Walter’s impending deporation:

”Now that we have educated this individual with 15 years of public American education, we are going to send him back to a foreign country. I consider that a waste.”

I couldn’t agree more. Because of talented (and undocumented) youth like Walter, the United State MUST pass the DREAM Act.

Also, for coverage of the recent DREAM Act graduations across the country, check out DreamActivist – I have been wanting to do a round-up of this coverage but sadly have had little time to dedicate to blogging recently. This will change soon. I hope.

2 responses to “ACTION: 3 ways to Help Stop Walter Lara’s Deportation

  1. When happens these situations I don’t understand what is going on the Obama’s Administration. Because, is still working the same parameters as the Bush’s Administration. Unfortunately,nothing has been changed.

  2. I think he should be deported just to prove a point. People like his parents can’t just come here illegally and take advantage of all the tax paying citizens who actually paid for his education. You would think he would be happy with getting a free $300,000.00 education and go back. But I guess he and his family feel the legal tax payer hasn’t paid enough for them yet.

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