Obama Rings the Opening Bell on Immigration Reform

Obama’s remarks from last week’s White House meeting on immigration reform.

4 responses to “Obama Rings the Opening Bell on Immigration Reform

  1. Immigration…I guess many americans are quite sensitive now about this word 🙂

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  3. I hope president Obama acts upon his word and congress passes an immigration reform ASAP! I need this so bad. My parents immigrated to the United States when I was only 3 years old and now at the age of 25 my dreams are getting harder to reach! Why? all because of a paper. Should i pay the price of being called an illegal alien? due to my parents decision? well iam! i was forced to droped out of collage due to the high fees. I now have a family of my own, my wife an American Citizen my kids American Citizens and myself an Illegal Alien! Help us all.

  4. Why dosn’t your wife file for your green card?

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