ACTION: Call the White House for Immigration Reform

white house

Last week, amidst our planning for the big meeting at the White House this week, we got word that the meeting was being delayed for a second time. While this is a disappointment, we are still confident that the momentum is in our favor. Another delay will not negate the power behind the majority of the American public that is ready to see reform happen this year.

From Paco Fabian at America’s Voice:

Here’s the thing. President Obama has consistently pledged to move forward on immigration reform this year, and the expectation is clear that he will do just that. The time is ripe, with an overwhelming majority of voters supporting real reform  an overwhelming majority of voters supporting real reform, a new national campaign to garner support in Congress, and both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi putting comprehensive immigration reform on the front-burner last week.

In the mean time, we have to hold the administration accountable. It is up to US to keep the pressure on and let President Obama and Congress know that the time is NOW (despite their delays) and that we won’t take no for an answer.

So what can you do? CALL THE WHITE HOUSE TODAY!

Call  5:00pm EST to tell Obama to pass immigration reform this year.

For Spanish: 1-866-967-6018

For English: 1-866-961-2143

When you are connected to the White House, please tell the operator that you would like President Obama to keep his promise and help pass comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship THIS YEAR.

Another delay doesn’t have to mean a set-back in the push for immigration reform this year, but we want to show the administration that we are serious and we WILL hold them accountable.

3 responses to “ACTION: Call the White House for Immigration Reform

  1. Please pass the Immigraton Reform Bill in the upcoming new year of 2010. There are many illegals already here working and living productive lives. And by the way, they do many, many jobs that our own Americans deem “beneath them” to do. Pass this Bill Now!!!!!

  2. Please pass immigration reform, my fiance and I have been waiting for six years for his green card. Now that he is close they want to deport him. His family is here, I am here an american, my family is here. Why does he have to leave when we have paid alot of money and tried to fix the wrong. Now you take this man away from me for 2-10 years and break my heart. Please reform soon so we can still be a family and other families can stop hiding and being so scared.


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